Monday, April 13, 2009

Moving on Up (In this case down)

I am moving to Virginia in 19 days. That's right 19 days. Kyle and I get our apartment in 20 days!!! I am so excited. So I called all the places around town renting and asked them all a million questions and we were able to narrow it down to 3 places. I sent him out looking at them and he came back with our apartment. =) 2 Bedrooms, 750 square feet, central air/heat. . . It looks nice. It's priced nicely too at only 699/month. 

I am very excited, but I have to admit, I am a little sad. There are things that I know I will miss when I move out of Rhode Island, and the main thing I will miss is the beach. Being a little Rhode Island Girl, with grandparents who lived within walking distant of a private beach.... you could say I was spoiled. Just a little... ;-) I'll miss just the vastness of it. Especially in the wintertime/fall/spring. The times no one bothers to acknowledge it's beauty. I think that is when the beach is the most beautiful. So I know I will miss my beach when I'm down in Virginia. But I'll be with my baby!! It's all worth it. 

Moving is tough. I have to go through all my things and see what I have and what I don't use and what I'd want to take down, etc etc. Luckily, my mom is moving, so I have free dibs on any of her furniture/anything. She's moving in with her boyfriend, so I even get a pick from dishes, pots/pans, vases, you name it I can take it. 

This is definitely an exciting chapter in my life. A brand new start, and I cannot wait! I am also excited about going to a new CF center down in Richmond, VA. I think this is a great opportunity to really advocate for my health.  I do feel limited at my current clinic, because they have known me for so long. I switched over into the adult clinic a few months ago, but I am still well-known as it is a small clinic.

I think the move will open so many opportunities, and experiences. I think this is the best thing for me right now, and it's my life is all starting to fall into place. I was talking with Kyle's parents the other day, and I had mentioned that, and his father said "that's how you know it's meant to be, it just falls into place." Which is 100% true. You should never fight something, what happens is meant to happen, and if something is falling into your lap, whether it be good or bad, it's meant to be. And this is meant to be. 

So goodbye Rhode Island and your gorgeous beaches, and HEEEEEELLLOOOOOOOO Virginia -- with your hot summers and fantastic everything else! =D 

Scrap Crap

I am addicted to scrap-booking. I knew I enjoyed scrapping in high school but now I'm addicted.  I just don't have anything to scrap about lol. but I found i guess blog candy? It's sweet. Awesome people give you a chance to win some scrapping stash. Like this blog. 

oh, thats about it, besides the fact I feel terrible today. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A case of the Blahs

So do you ever have those days? Where you are just blah, and everything seems so blah? That, my  friends was today. Today was absolutely beautiful outside, but I just couldn't being myself to do much of anything. I was just so blah. 

I did get gas today, in cumberland picking up pepper spray. (don't ask). While doing these tasks I got hit on, a lot. Which is sometimes flattering, but today it was just odd. When walking into ACE hardware I got hit on by the counter-boys. No biggie- that was expected, a silly girl going into a hardware store for mace, what can you expect? But then I was pumping my gas, minding my own business, when a group of boys on their motorcycles decided they needed to get gas too... right next to me. And they also decided they needed to chat me up. Thanks. I was polite, got my gas, went inside to buy a drink, came out, about to get into my car and "Excuse me..." *sigh here we go again* . A car of boys this time, pull up asking for directions. Clearly they know where they are and where they're going but they were actually cute so i decide to play along, HOWEVER when playing along, I immediately say "take a right, (and it's a left) and it will be on your left (WRONG it will be on your right) hahaha Sooooo I realized that, laughed and corrected myself feeling stupid. Sigh. You're not supposed to feel stupid when being hit on, you're supposed to have higher self esteem not lower. Gosh what is wrong with today; it is just a blah day. 

I had ambitions for tonight, but tonight has been blah. And I haven't done a thing. Oh yea, it's definitely a case of the blahs. Well, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. 

Friday, April 3, 2009


I had clinic today. I went because I hadn't been feeling well, and was convinced I needed a tune-up. Turns out I only needed a little antibiotic to kick whatever was growing out of my lungs, and I feel fantastic. In fact my lung function went up all the way to 77! I don't think I've seen 77 since middle school, or the very beginning of high school. Actually in sophomore year I went up to 83. So that's my goal. 83, or better of course. =D Go me. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Virginia is hot.

Well my title post is so true. In the summertime Virginia is H.O.T. Temperatures can reach well into th 100's and it's always humid. Gross. BUT, Virginia, is where I'll be living for the next two years. And I couldn't be more excited than I am right now. And Guess who I'm living with? That's right, my one-day-future-fiancee. We were able to snatch a 2 bedroom apartment for only 699 a month. Crazy right? 

No, that's nothing, what's crazy is that I'm moving in 4 weeks. Count 'em: 1, 2, 3, ...4 weeks! And then I'll be down for 2 weeks until kyle gets out of school, then we'll drive back up to RI and get his stuff the rest of my stuff and I thinkn I will have to just drive back down, becuase I unlike the bum, will need to work in order to pay my half the rent. His parents are paying for his b/c it's cheaper than on-campus housing. But when I get down to Williamsburg, I will be able to set up an interview with a nanny agency and hopefully soon have a job. Go me. Or I'll shoot for being a waitress. I could get good tips.

But for this last month, I just need to survive going to Gen's house, packing, doing school work, and of course dealing with family, and squeezing in last minute visits with everyone. And getting rid of all my crap via craigslist. I should do that tomorrow. But it is tomorrow!! Oh man, It's past 5 and I really should get some sleep. Well that's the exciting news, and that's about it.