Saturday, December 22, 2012

21 Drafts

21 Drafts! And no, I'm not talking about beer. Although that would be the most awesome bar if they had 21 different types of beer on draft. But I thought it was interesting that over a couple of months I have accumulated 21 drafts that just sit there, waiting.

Such a bummer I can usually never finish something I start. =D

That's all.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Upgrade - Downgrade: Hospital Style

Upgrade: No longer having to eat at 7 am, noon and 5pm. I'm digging the 'room-service' style meal plan. Call when you want to get your food, with pre-ordering as an option? Heck yes! I'll take it. Verdict: Upgrade! (The actual food? Well, that's a whole other story).

Downgrade: Ordering two IV's because I have more than 1 IV medicine. I've had the same IV cocktail for almost a decade. Never in my life have I been ordered to have 2 IV's at once. Luckily, the IV nurse saw my teeny-tiny baby veins and as she left go get a pediatric IV kit, she told them no way was she putting two in. Verdict: Downgrade. (Yay for awesome IV nurses.)

Upgrade: I have to get some blood drawn tonight for the initial 'in-patient' work up. A super awesome research assistant came by and offered to buy some extra blood fin the form of a 20 dollar Target giftcard. Well, by golly, sign me up.  Target here I come!  Verdict:Upgrade!

Downgrade: Having a 'heavy chest' from a lung infection is not the same as having cardiac chest pain. Unfortunately any note of "chest pain" qualifies you for 10 electrodes decorating your top half and 3 fun days of caring a mini EKG machine in your tank top. Hmmm. Verdict: Downgrade

Even though I'm back in the hospital, I managed to avoid this place for 18 whole months! Thats the longest I've gone since I've starting getting IV's at the age of 14. Thanks Kalydeco! =)

I also would like to point out that I don't feel nearly as sick as I usually do when I go in for a tune-up. I do feel that I need one, but I think Kalydeco has played a huge part in how I feel overall; which isn't half bad, all things considered.

So here's to putting your health first and using your vacation time to have a hospital stay-cation if you will. Hopefully this time invested here will keep me out of here for the next 18 monts, or perhaps, even 2 years. =D We'll see.