Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh Mondays

Well, I started off the day better than usual, meaning, I actually woke up at a reasonable hour. My alarm went off at 9:33 am and I woke up, relaxed and waited until about 10 to finally get out. (I dread actually getting out of bed, waking up is fine, but getting up and moving is the hard part -- coughing attack ensue!)

I ate breakfast, was able to keep that down along with my megace. Caught up on my blogs, and of course facebook. Watched a few things on youtube, and then I was ready to start the day. . . Almost.

Showered, put on some makeup, kyle came home, ate a little mac n cheese. Then NOTHING. I didn't have to go to work because Emily is sick. cool. But again, I didn't do anything. I can't play the piano because kyle is studying. I didn't feel like going anywhere by myself (not that I have places to go). So basically I just sat home and surfed the web all day. I read some parenting columns (why, no clue, just maybe brainstorming idea for jeanette...) read some recipes, thought about making marsala chicken -- realized I didn't have a wine cork opener, decided against marsala chicken, read one of my recipe books, found an easy one, went to the store, bought 3 ingredients, went home, made dinner, ate it, cleaned it up, and now I'm back on the computer with nothing to do.

Oh my life, why are you so boring all of a sudden? Why can't I find some direction to take you in?? GRrrrr.That's all for now. Nothing creative, nothing cool, nothing new. Just the same old boring stuff.

The end.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nothing New

Nothing new is happening here. It got cool today. It was only 71 degrees --which, yes I know, is not 'cool' or 'cold' as I discribed it to my dad today, hehehe....but compared with the 94+ degree days we've been having, 71 seemed chilly.

It was mothers day today, made my mom a homemade card with a poem inside. I made the same card for Kyle to give to his mom. Sneaky sneaky. Just don't tell them that! ;-) I also mailed my mom some GREAT smelling soaps (coconut, one of our favorites) and these useful socks designed to be worn in pumps. On the days its too hot to wear hose, but she needs to wear something on her feet. Perfect solution.

Julie is double listing at cleaveland clinic. Phew. But she sent everyone an email saying that Boston now has her on the "Hot list" which means, that they've expanded her critera for lungs. --Meaning, if the lungs have a bruise on them, they will call her, as before they wouldn't.

I don't know. Something just doesn't sit right with me about this. If they weren't going to call her with those types of lungs before.... (because they weren't up to par) why are they going to now? I want her to get the best lungs she can! Not some beat up pair that 'might' fair okay. Grrrrr. I think it has something to do with her double listing, they don't want her to screw up their UNOS listings/ratings or something silly like that. But this is LIFE that you are talking about. If you start cutting corners.... I don't really wanna think about that.

Anyways, that's about it over here. Kyle got back from his Uncles funeral, and now is taking his rescheduled exams this week. So he's all stressed out like usual. And I need to go food shopping asap. tomorrow definitely!

The end - for now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I am livid. LIVID. I cannot believe the excuses this woman makes for her children. Back story is needed here.

Allen decided one week in march that he just wasn't going to school because "he was sick" -- for a whole week? Bullshit. He didn't even have one symptom of being sick, the only thing he was, was tired. That my friends, comes from his mother letting him stay up past midnight on weekdays -- sorry SCHOOL days.

When he got his makeup work the next week, he decided he wasn't going to do any of that either. I reminded, and reminded, and bullied, but nothing. I told his mother "You know, Allen really has a lot of makeup work to do, including a 10 page science project" and left it at that and encouraged him nonetheless to do sheet by sheet of his makeup work.

Well a month has now passed and I was furious that he STILL hadn't bothered to work on the critter project -- and even more so that he lost the sheet. Well that was monday, when I told him "Tomorrow you will get another sheet and we will do it after school, do you understand?" Well, he found the sheet on monday. Didn't bother to do a single thing, and who found it? Jeanette. This kills me. She found it and she just let him not do it. Knowing full well it was due APRIL 2nd!

Well yesterday, I had had it, and made him do his project. This was his answer "Well, I'll just do two pages of it" (that was the deal we had 2 weeks ago, we'll do 2 pages a day till its done) Not anymore. I made him work on it till I left. (Only an hour. And he finished it! So quick and would have been quicker if he wasn't being a snooty little jerk about it: examples: "Can I just do it in my head? (rough draft --NO) Can I just do a real animal instead of making one up? (Not the project, NO) Can I research and look up online a hippo? (Why?...) I want to make my animal like a hippo (then use what you know about hippos and go from there). "

Excuse after excuse after excuse. That's all this kid does. I know he was upset, because it lookd like he was going to cry every 5 minutes, but hey sometimes kids need to realize, that yes make up work comes BEFORE video games. So next time you want to play video games for a week at home by yourself, be prepared for the consequences. That's all. That's the simple lesson I want him to learn.

Well get this, Jeanette texts me "Hey Beth, just want to let you know Allen and I will finish his critter project over the weekend :) " ---- are you freakin' kidding me? I texted her right back, and to be honest I was a little nasty. "Is there a specific reason why the project will be put off till the weekend? It was due over a month ago, and if he has time left w/me shouldn't he finish it?" (text 1) "I'm just curious because I have a feeling he complained that I was 'so mean' yesterday when I made him work on it"

No response. I tried to call her first. Nothing. Alright Jeanette if that's the way you want it fine by me. I will stop giving you sympathy when you complain that your kids don't listen, when you complain that all he does is play that video game, or they have attitude, or they throw a tantrum when they don't get what they want--- you know who throws tantrums Jeanette? Two year olds. Toddlers. You have two teenage Toddlers. They eat candy before dinner, they expect you to do everything and anything, they don't know the first thing about responsibility, and goodness, watch out if you get stern with them - bring on the waterworks!

Jeanette, all you're doing by letting allen push the project off AGAIN, by complaining to you that I was 'mean' is showing him that you are a pushover. He now has control over this situation; over you! I hope you know what you're getting into. And I hope you're praying for your kids everyday, because you are leading them down a terrible path. Watch out when Emily starts driving, who knows what kind of drugs she'll get into. (Oh yes J I said DRUGS, she was talking about alcohol the other day with Amelia, lovely isn't it? 8th grade and wanting alcohol)

And if you think Allen doesn't listen now, good luck later. It will only get worse. Stop making stupid excuses and set some boundaries. You are their mother, so you should start acting like it. SOON.

Phew. And now I need to go to 'work' where I refuse to do anything. Allen can do whatever he pleases I will occupy myself and just make sure people don't die.

Or you know what, I will make you feel like a bad person J. Evil, yes, but sometimes you need a slap in the face. I will clean your messy house for you today so when you come home you will feel like a jerk.

And if you come home, and confront me about my message, be ready to cry because I will dish it out honestly and completely. You need a good cold dose of reality, because you're still living in this fantasy world of yours. Well wake up Jeanette, wake up.

The end.

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Windows, Rise and Shine!

After going to bed around 3 am. Kyle and I both rose from the dead around 7:15-7:30ish. If you count that is about 4 hours of sleep, eek! Not too healthy, but sometimes you can't help it.

the reason I was dragged out before noon, was the fact that we are getting new windows installed today. FUN! My poor ferret babies and their poor ears. Not only do they have to be couped up with everyone running around them, but their little ears are sensitive to the high squeals/pitch of the drills, and the creaking noises made by using a crowbar to remove the old windows.

Speaking of which, all 4 windows were removed, and the apartment has never been breezier! haha go figure, with these huge HOLES in the walls. But what boggled my mind, is that they left these holes for quite a while, while they took out the other windows in other apartments. All this time with huge gaping holes in my walls, let a lot of pollen, dust, not to mention BUGS in my house. AND the window ripping down, caused dry wall to be distributed in the air lovely, and cover the carpet/futon/all my personal belongings -- great! And to think we just cleaned up yesterday. HAHAHA jokes on us. oh well. The new windows look nice at least. Hopefully they'll save us some heating/cooling bills. =)

They are very nice white vinyl windows and they are finishing the final touches, the edging. Phew and then I can nap. I can't nap because I don't want to even close my eyes with 3 strange, overweight men in my house, no thank you!

That's all for now.

PS Kyle is being more sensitive about meds lately. He even went and picked up allegra!