Saturday, January 11, 2014

2013 Recap, Pregnancy, and a New Blog

Do you realize that last year I wrote an enormous amount of entries on this blog? Oh, what, you can't sense the sarcasm dripping off that last sentence? I wrote 5 posts people. 5 posts in a whole year. This coming from the girl who gets mad if her favorite bloggers don't have their posts up by 10 am each day.

Well, I apologize for the super awful blogger-ness lately. So let's get down to the important stuff, a recap if you will: 2013 in a nutshell.

1. January: The first year I didn't make traditional resolutions since I think you don't need a new year to change what you want to change, you just need commitment. Kyle also decided to post-pone his PhD qualifying exam until the end of summer.
2. February: Um... nothing rings a bell, must have been an exciting month.
3. March: Went on a 10 day honeymoon cruise where we proceeded to be seasick for 4 days, get the worst sunburns of our lives on day 3, met a monkey, saw & walked in the rainforest, and discovered the deliciousness that is mojitos.
4.April: I guess nothing significant happened this month?
5. May: I built a bunch of things with powertools, and started working on the dreaded porch. I managed to paint the porch ceiling, and start the trim.
6. June: Finished painting the porch including the floor! We had only been working on it for oh, you know, 2 years.
7. July: Helped my family I nannied for move to a different state and said goodbye to my job of the last 2 years. =( Also got sinus surgery for the first time. I CAN BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE PEOPLE! And yes, all caps was necessary for that statement.
8. August: Healed from surgery started working out regularly in attempt to gain weight & muscle. Kyle passes his Qualifying exams and doesn't get kicked out of the PhD program. Hooray! I got a new job close to my house.
9. September: I start going for acupuncture for 'fertility' while continuing to gain weight via working out and whathave you. I took kyle camping towards the end of the month for his birthday and totally impresses him by making a fire in the pitch dark with nothing but the things we gathered. (After he had taken some attempts and given up!) I also hated my new job.
10. October: I quite my new job.Went into the hospital for a tune up and found out I was pregnant!
11. November:  I only experienced 4 days of being 'sick' in the first trimester but they were of course the days around thanksgiving where Kyle's family came down. His mom wanted to rush me to the ER, so we abandoned the plan and broke the good news a bit earlier than intended to his parents.
12: December: We told all my family, and remaining family on Kyle's side that we were pregnant! We also visited all our friends and broke the good news. I started the second trimester this month too.


I'm writing baby updates on a different blog these days. And by 'these days' I mean I've written 2 posts. You're welcome to follow along if you'd like. Blog link here!