Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today I was busy. Today I walked for over an hour. Today I played endless amounts of catch. Today we got a dog!

We had been thinking about getting a dog and we decided we needed a puppy so TK, the cat, could swing at him a few times and show it who's boss but TK passed away unexpectantly 2 weeks ago. Although the event was sad, she showed no signs of pain or even illness and we just assume she was an older kitty.

The silver lining of the kitty getting her angel wings, is that we no longer had to worry about getting a dog small enough to take a Cat beating. Enter the search. Craigslist, SPCA, Pounds, Animal welfare shelters, etc. and the occasional scope on

We decided on a general breed. Something medium to large sized. Preferably a shepherd mix. Well after considering two dogs who just didn't quite feel right, we decided to look last minute at the SPCA. And there was Oliver! This cute, floppy eared boy just chomping away on a bone, wagging his tail. He was less than a year old, and he was a german shepherd/Lab mix. Cute as a button (not that it matters because all dogs are cute!). He was soooooo lovable. So friendly, and climbed right up into kyle's lap (as best he could outside). haha.

We filled out an application with the idea that we could always so no the next day if it wasn't the right time. We went home and discussed it and we decided that he was the one!

Oh man. We brought him home today and he is one smart boy! He did live with a family who had him for 5 months who surrendered him for 'not having enough time' so he knows "sit" he may have been learning 'down' because he mastered it after 3 or 4 treats. Either that or he's super smart! (I personally believe the latter).

He seems like a wonderful companion and is truly a sweetheart. He didn't even pick up anything that didn't belong to him. He only put his 3 toys in his mouth; I mean we had sneakers out and the recycling was overflowing... but he only played with his tennisball and 2 rope toys. Although he does like to eat rocks and sticks outside. hmmm. He never jumped on any of the furniture and kept all paws on the ground ( 90 % of the time).

He's still a little excited around the weasels and thinks they are bigger than they are. He also seems to be a nibbler. He'll definitely catch on to training quick and he seems so eager to please. I'm also eager to teach him how to walk on a leash properly so we can go jogging together!

I took him for such a long walk today and it felt amazing! I thought I was only gone for 20 minutes and turns out I was gone for an hour and twenty minutes! I think he's just the motivation and companion I need at this point in my life.

Welcome to the family Oliver! We love you already you goof.