Sunday, July 3, 2011


I Delight in:
The fact that I am getting a dryer today and can finally wash my clothes!
I Despise:
The fact that said dryer had to be taken back to the store because it couldn't fit in any doorway.

I Delight in:
the beautiful lightening, thunder, and rain storm last night
I Despise:
the rain made the back porch steps a slip and slide and I didn't even manage one step down before falling the rest of the way spraining my wrist.

I Delight in:
After falling down the stairs knowing I can have my last saved redbull as a cheer-me-up
I Despise:
Throwing up my last saved redbull as a not so cheer-me-up but rather a cough-me-up.

Oh life. You sure are a funny one today.

P.S If you ever think there is a slight chance of throwing up in the future it's probably not a good idea to eat half a jar of olives. Just sayin'.

I actually laughed to myself as I wrote these because at the time they didn't seem that funny but now looking back I'm having a good chuckle.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Here we go again...

Three weeks out of the hospital and I. am. sick.

I blame stress. And poison ivy. That's where it all started! I was feeling awesome. I left higher than my high of 74% I left at 75%!! Mmmhm. I was elated. Kyle and I went to the new house to have the floor guys refinish the floors, and since it's real dusty inside, we worked outside in the yard. We pulled up 5 lawn bags of vines. Apparently all of which were poison ivy.

Now, I had never been allergic before, even when rubbing a poison ivy leaf against my forearm (I was in middle school, so I hadn't developed logical reasoning yet, so cut me some slack!). Well, 2 days later kyle is COVERED. I still have my creamy pale white skin clear as could be. hehehe Remember, I'm not allergic?

Well, fast forward a few days later I notice something is stinging on my arm. Poison ivy. Well long story short I got a few small spots of poison ivy on my arms and my leg. Very small, they looked like pimples. Kyle's looked like some monster had taken over his arms and legs and he was being eaten alive, but that's a different story.

After a day or so with poison ivy I started having fevers. I chalked it up to the P.I. kick starting my defense system. Well fast forward a week and I am miserable. My P.I is gone but I have fevers, can't breathe, and must be coughing up a gallon of 'junk' a day! To make matters worse I'm in CF Care limbo.

I'm in a different state and all my papers have yet to make it through the jungle gym of the medical system at the new clinic. So I called my old clinic. MAKE ME BETTER. I got antibiotics and guess what? I'm still not better.

I blame stress. I don't handle stress and getting sick makes me stress even more. AND theres sooo much to do! Stress. Sick. Stress. Sick.

I'm making another phone call today. Hopefully this one will make me better. I am NOT going back to the hospital a measly 2.75 weeks after I just got out. Going to the hospital every month for 3 months? Not my idea of summer fun.

BUT I'm trying to be positive (not that you can tell... ) but I am. I know it's because of stress so I'm trying to relax and take it easy and get my mind off it by doing fun things (like shopping!) but even that is exhausting. But we're having beautiful weather here so that's a plus.

Sometimes I just don't know. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and that's all I can hope for.