Thursday, January 10, 2013

Resolutions, Shmesolutions.

There's this thing about resolutions that tends to really bug me. Everyone is all, "new year, new me!" "totally gonna lose all that weight this year!" or "listen to my outrageous resolutions, wooo!" and I'm all like, "dude, I just wanna keep my room clean."

Can you believe I wanted to start my entry like that? I've written about three different openings and none are sounding right. So I put that entry (above) on hold to look up my last few new years entries. Well, imagine my surprise when I couldn't find a single one! Jeez-  talk about slacking. I could have sworn I wrote one about always promising to keep my room clean last year, but I probably wrote it in April, so I still couldn't find it. No big deal, moving on.

Happy New Year everyone! I've been reflecting on my resolutions this year, or rather the idea of resolutions. People seem to have this idea that with the turn of a new year, they can accomplish everything they've ever dreamed of doing for years. No, seriously, they're gonna do it, it's a new year. Motivation kicks in, they're on a roll and then Valentines day shows up with it's tiny messages printed on hard sugar, and love disguised as chocolate lumps in bright red heart boxes. And then America is all "What? we had resolutions? ARG!"

Wait, what do you mean this is just me?

Well, my point is I work hard every year to work towards some grand vision of what I want my life to be like in a few weeks, a few years  even a few decades, regardless if I say it aloud in January or not. If I'm constantly working so hard to achieve this, why would I want to discredit myself and make a resolution to basically start over, and try to be more awesome this time around? I already am awesome. =) I think we get wrapped up in the idea of bigger,  better, badder things - more more more. When really, this year I want to keep doing what I'm doing because it seems to be working.

In 2009 my goal was to get my lung function out of the 50's. Now, it's 2013 and I have managed to get it back into the 80's. I have never, in my wildest of dreams, thought that would be possible. 70's - yes, that was achievable in my mind, a lofty goal, but achievable. To be sitting here with 80% of my predicted lungs functioning? Well, I'm officially proud of myself. Go me. Whatever path I have stumbled upon I want to keep it up.

For 2013, I want to just keep going, keep living, and keep appreciating all the small things that I think tend to get overlooked. I want to live in the moment and savor the ordinary. I want to trust that by now, I know what I'm doing. I want to support, encourage, and appreciate others and really push myself to be more giving. I have been given so many wonderful opportunities and I am so thrilled at where I am in life for being 23. (Almost 24 at this point, darn, I've gotten start working on a new banner soon!)

For 2013 my resolution is to not make any resolutions. I know there are things I want to keep changing about my life, myself and even the world, but for right now, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. Here's to not feeling guilty when Valentines rolls around and you've forgotten what your resolution was!

What's your resolution this year?


cindy baldwin said...

"I want to trust that by now, I know what I'm doing."

I love this... I'll have to mull over this for awhile!

I am a fan of resolutions, but I actually do follow through on mine all year long. I love new year's (and also my birthday for the same reason) because it feels like a wonderful time to step back, rededicate, and take stock of where I've been and where I want to go. I'm the same way with my wedding anniversary... you can just ask Mahon, in the weeks leading up to August 22nd I get REALLY contemplative about our relationship, LOL!

Beth said...

Cindy, for some reason it doesn't phase me, or surprise me for one bit that you follow through every year on your resolutions. You really are special.

I think it has to do with your ability to really focus on your life in small bits and pieces, but then also in totality. Your ability to step back and observe from different perspectives really pushes you over that edge. I think with those things its no wonder you can follow through on your well-thought out resolutions. You're your own check and balance system. You reiterate this so wonderfully time and time again in your blog, which is obviously why I eat up all your entries.

On a funnier/much-more-creepier note, I think there was one year that I wanted to add "Be more like Cindy- from blogworld" to my resolutions. But alas, I am me, and cannot be you. Such a shame. Although, I did have a few months of freshly baked bread everyday... okay, okay... weeks, not months. =P

Inhaling Hope said...

Ooh ooh add me to the never fully follows through on resolutions list. I actually made some this year, but you can't totally quantify my success so it should be foolproof!

Gem said...

I totally agree with all of this! Why do people feel they have to wait until January 1st to make changes? If they're not happy, start then and there.

I don't make New Year resolutions. I always have goals in my mind as to where I want to be anyway!

80% lung function is fantastic! Well done!!!! xxx

John said...

Beth!! This was an awesome post! I loved it all especially wanting to give and being fortunate. I am in the same boat as you friend. I want to do this as well. Your FEV1 is so impressive. What have you done to increae this so much???

Wishing you and your husband a wonderful 2013.

cindy baldwin said...

Beth, you're making me blush! :) Trust me, I am very human and VERY, VERY flawed. ;) I don't always succeed at my resolutions, LOL! I just follow through on them. And if it makes you feel better.... I have baked hardly any bread during this pregnancy. :( But I got a wheat grinder for Christmas, so I'm quite excited to get back into it!

Beth said...

IH: Phew, I'm glad its not just me that always fails to get that resolution to a 100% completion point. Go us. =D And your idea of not being able to actually quantify a resolution, well, I may just be on board for that one!

John: just pretty much dedicated a whole shiny-new post just for you. I'm excited we're in the same giving boat! Happy new year to you and your gals!! (okay and the doggies too!)

Cindy: You can't be baking bread when you're concentrating on baking a baby in that belly! Maybe I should bake some bread and mail it to you. Then I could blame mailing it for the reason it's flat and hard as a rock. True story; I tried to bake a sunflower loaf and it came out like a BRICK. I was afraid we were going to break our teeth on it so out it went.