Thursday, January 31, 2013

Haikus and Norovirus'

It's been a long time since I've written Haiku's so forgive me if the format is completely bogus. I decided to stick with 5-7-5 mini haiku's since I don't know if you have a bunch strung together if it's still a haiku. If you know feel free to enlighten me.

It's also been a long time since I've thrown up. And coughing till you throw up is sooo much different than your body just naturally throwing up. I forgot how gross it was. I also don't think I will ever pair Indian food with steamed cabbage ever again.

Without further ado the Norovirus Haiku:

Indian food and more
Why is this bathroom so small?
Here it comes again.

Oh norovirus
you now hate even water
bye bye all my food

Being up all night
praying to the porcelain
let this be the last

But surprise, it's not!
the norovirus I loathe
settle down belly

now that it's morning
I've thrown up all that I can
finally resting

slinking off to bed
with a bucket in my hand
sleep? sleep? sleep? sleep?

On the bright side, I've managed to keep my humor. At one point in-between heaves I was chuckling because throwing up cabbage is actually pretty darn funny.

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cindy baldwin said...

Bleh!!! I almost NEVER throw up (I can usually get a stomach bug that everyone else has been puking like crazy from and just feel like I'm going to die, but not throw up) but at 15 weeks pregnant I got what was probably also norovirus when it was going around here really badly. I think I threw up more in that weekend than in the sum total of my adult life to date. It was awful. I couldn't keep water down either, but I found I did okay with sips of sprite (sometimes mixed with lemonade flavored gatorade to help rehydrate) and those Dreyer's all fruit lemon popsicles. Those were the only things that I could keep down, but it WAS enough to keep me from having to go get an IV for dehydration, so it was worth it! Good luck!