Monday, April 2, 2012

One Day Down

When I was younger I used to count down to my birthday with the help of small candies. Skittles always happened to be my favorite candy for the job. I would line up around 10 skittles to mark the days before my birthday. Each morning I was allowed to eat one--to mark the passing days-- and I was left with a new skittle countdown.

For some reason as I strapped on my vest this morning, for the second day in a row, I thought about my skittle countdown. There were some years where my birthday was nothing but a regular old bad day. My 'sweet' sixteen stands out; dumped by a boyfriend, my 'big gift' from my mom was an electric tart burner so I wouldn't have candles in my room, and my best friend who found her semi dress at the mall that day while I found nothing. Yet, those ten days before I had my skittles laid out and I enjoyed an edible countdown.

I'm not sure why I used to do that. It took an awful lot of will power just to walk by those remaining skittles. But each day was that much sweeter (literally) when I got to wake up and eat that day's skittle. It was something to look forward to; to congratulate myself on making it one day closer to being a whole year older.

I don't think my motivation slump can be cured by skittles, but I do believe that I need to be celebrating each day for making it one day closer to being a whole year older. That's another morning I get to enjoy, another day I get to tell Kyle I love him. Another night where I get to enjoy the simple pleasure of a hot shower.

I want to be able to celebrate each passing day as a small victory. Just like passing those remaining skittles I know it's going to take some willpower. But it was the willpower that made the remaining skittles taste that much better.

This next section is just to hold me accountable. Ideally I'd like to work saline back into my routine.
Yesterday's Compliance:
  • vest (30 min)
  • tobi
  • urso
  • advair
  • albuterol
  • Pulmozyme
  • Tobi
  • Vest (40 min)
  • Urso
  • Advair
  • Vitamins
  • Protonix
  • Albuterol


Gem said...

I've missed your blogs!

I love the skittle idea! Might have to try that for my birthday.

Do you use ordinary saline for nebulising or hypertonic saline?


Beth said...

I use 7% hypertonic Saline.

cindy baldwin said...

The skittles idea is so cute! I have to say, my last few birthdays have been particularly special to me. I always loved birthdays growing up, and all, but my birthdays after 20 have all been "guess what! I beat the prognosis at diagnosis!" birthdays. I LOVE GETTING OLDER!!! :)

And way to go on being compliant yesterday. :)