Sunday, April 1, 2012

Taking charge

I decided to take a break from the blog (if you haven't noticed) because I felt like it was becoming one big whine-fest. Not the kind of fest I want to be a part of. Now, if it was a wine-fest then you could have possibly persuaded me to stay.

However, I was chatting with one of my lifelong friends and she convinced me we both need motivation. She'll be making a blog as long as I update mine. haha That girl.

I need a major motivation overhaul. I find that my life isn't as fun when I have zero motivation. I get pretty grumpy, snappy, and I feel ickier.

I took the first steps today. I woke up feeling very junky -- pretty similarly to yesterday -- and instead of doing my normal "Oh,man this day is going to suck because I know I'll get a fever" I decided to take charge. Not to think about it,but rather just do it. Just like you don't think about going to the bathroom, you just do it; so you'll feel better. Well, I got up ate some cereal and went straight to my vest where I'm now vesting and doing some nebulizers.

They say the first steps are always the hardest, so here's to my first baby steps! Here here!


cindy baldwin said...

Woohoo! Glad to see you back in blogland! And your clever first paragraph made me chuckle out loud. ;)

Jenny Livingston said...

I came here (to your blog) the other day just to see how long it had been since you wrote. Glad to see that you're back... you were definitely missed!

I've also been lacking motivation for about a month now, and it has everything to do with the aches and fevers I've been getting as well. Darn CF! Now that you mention it, a wine-fest doesn't sound half bad. ;)