Friday, April 20, 2012

Haiku for you

haiku's for friday

fevered and hungry
too weak to go outside now
the fridge is empty

Oliver is good
positive thinking I've done
I still feel like crap

Lungs are so junky
my eyelids are drooping too
fever nap calls me

an hour later
I might start to feel better
if not I'll be mad

say a few choice words
to my failing body 
stop being so darn sick! 

tomorrow is soon
this vest better have paid off
to do list is big

my projects on hold
making health my number one
so I can live on.

Yup. Sums up my friday. 
In quick other news, Spent a few hours figuring out an insurance debacle. Specialty pharmacy sent me tobi on automatic refill? Which messed up my cayston order. GRR so for someone else's mistake, I'm now paying the consequences. My oh my, nothing can be easy these days. On a positive note? I think I was able to fully resolve the issue and will have Cayston by next week. Hopefully this week of missing it can be corrected. 


cindy baldwin said...

Bleh! I hear you, since it's 12:42 in the afternoon and I'm still in my PJs on the couch, LOL.

Amanda said...

Don't worry! Soon I'll be a pharmacy tech and I'll swoop down and save you from med snafus! In my mind.... xD I love ya baby! Don't give up!