Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Win some, you lose some.

Yesterday I want to my gymnastics class where I really felt the effects of CF. As I was tumbling, head over feet, feet over hands, body up, around, and pray that I land - I noticed "I have no energy for this." I felt as if I weighed tripple my own weight. Every muscle in my body was tired. I was tired. And yet, I continued.

I didn't push myself very hard. I did only what I was comfortable doing. Making sure to rest and drink lots of water. It was still a nice class, and I enjoyed myself. When I was home I really noticed, CF is kicking my butt today. So to compensate I did an extra saline, and 15 extra vest minutes.

Well, today I pushed myself too hard. Oops. I went for a jog with Kyle and ended up twisting my ankle, on the leg with the already-sore-from-yesterday knee. Hobbling home, I decided it's the fact that I went out today. I might have been fine, if I hadn't stubbed my big toe, but I might have ened up pushing myself too far and really have regretted it.

For now, I can handle this sore ankle, and tender knee, knowing the benefits outweighed today's risks. I have decided to take it easy this week. I will not be going to my pole class on thursday in order to let my body heal up.

I've been trying to eat more calories lately. I've been really inspired by my friend. I've known her since we were 5 and we've been lifelong friends. She's recently on a healthy lifestyle change journey and she's really doing awesome in the first initial stages (which are always the hardest!) and so I've been thinking of her when I need that extra motivation.

Today not only did I eat breakfast, lunch, and second lunch, but I had 2 snacks and a scandishake! Take that body. Load up on them calories. Maybe I can start gaining some fat to these bones and look less like a freaky muscle builder when I brush my hair, and more like a well toned young lass.

Haven't missed a med in quite a few days. Extra motivation really helps. I'm also on some antibiotics over the next week and a half. I had been coughing up 'sick' tasting stuff and got on that asap. I'm starting to feel a bit better.

Perhaps if I were more motivated I could have found a topic for this post and really upped the writing skills. I was corrected yesterday at gymnastics for my 'poor english' haha. I said 'stretch out good!" instead of stretch out well... which I have to look up the usage again because I could have sworn good fit in that sentence. Eh, you win some, you lose some!


cindy baldwin said...

Woohoo! I'm proud of you. I hope you can get Kaly soon... it's supposed to really help you pack on the pounds, especially if combined with the "CF diet"!

Amanda said...

:) The little bit in the middle of your post brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the good work hun, I KNOW you can pack on all the pounds I'm preparing to lose! (well, MAYBE not, 40-45 lbs is a LOT lmao) I had a good day today btw! :D