Saturday, April 3, 2010


The title says it all. A day of nothing. Although I did clean up the kitchen because it was 'rendered useless' as kyle says. By myself. making fondant. or attempting to. sigh.
then we went to target and got the most bootleg kitchen table. It's a card table that folds to store easily. It was only 30 bucks and looked more sturdy than the 100 dollar 'wood' table anyways. Eh we'll just keep the table cloth over it.

We took the ferrets outside today. Duckie freaked out, she started to play and hop and go crazy, but we weren't sure if she was excited or scared because her tail was puffed out. so to be on the safe side we brought her back in.

OOH and the apartment complex sent us a letter saying. Please move any furniture away from the windows 3 feet, so that your windows can be replaced. Well when do we need to move our furniture you say? here's the kicker. Anywhere from April 5th to April 31st. We don't know when they are coming, and they're not giving us anymore advanced warning but that. AND if our furniture is not moved, they move it for us and we have to pay a fee of 50 dollars and they aren't reliable for any damage. Meaning, they don't care if they break shit, and they'll still get money to do it.

So where the heck are we gonna move a desk, a futon, and a full size bed to for this month of april. SERIOUSLY? oh and two ferret cages and a kitchen table. Gosh. it really pissed kyle off that they are doing this. And we don't ahve a specific time for the window installation just a "anywhere from 7:30 AM to the end of the work day." What the heck does that mean, and furthermore I'm still SLEEPING At 730 am!!!! Well only time will tell how this is going to work out, but its a good thing we're getting new windows these old ones are crap.

thats all for now.

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