Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not feelin so great.

Boo Cf BOO! I try so hard, and yet no matter what I do you still attack full force. BUT like Kyle always says, looking on the bright side, think of how sick you'd be if you did NOTHING. so true. Thanks for being my voice of reason. It is this voice which is why for the past week I've strapped myself to the vest and inhaled salt water on multiple occasions. Just in the hopes that it will send whatever is growing out, or at least slow it down. And now the song I like to sing; it goes a little something like this--
Fever Fever go away
I want to go outside to play
and infact I wouldn't mind
if you didn't come by all the time!

oh well. gotta do whacha gotta do.
So other than being a bum and feeling fevery I haven't done a single thing. Although I did fix my sewing machine and the language is now back to english. phew. Also I tried to embroider a little, but it's so complex that I think I need to break out the manual. =\ Not an easy feat seeing as this manual consists of a 4 inch binder that's half my weight. haha. okay. that's all for now.

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Jess said...

Hi Beth, thank you for your message! It made me feel pretty special. I've been trying to catch up on your blog, hope you feel better soon! I'd love to have your e-mail, mine is if you want to talk more "privately" :)