Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amoxicillin for Kyle

**Warning I drop the F-bomb quite frequently in this post, as it's not a cheerful one, but more of a rant of sorts. ***

I hate, hate, HATE, when Kyle complains of something and then poo-poo's any suggestion I have to make him better. He has a headache "take some tylenol" not that doesn't 'work' for him. He has sinus congestion, 'take a decongestant' nah- he can't be bothered, or he doesn't like 'taking pills he doesn't have to'.

Well, this week he got a lovely sinus infection. And surprisingly, he went to health services before I nagged him too, or before he was shooting black snot out his nose like last time. The Dr. wrote 2 prescriptions, one for amoxicillin and the other for allegra. Now, I know, allegra is 'just an allergy pill' but if the doctor wrote it he must have a reason behind it. Did kyle bother asking what that reason was? Oh no, he just took the prescriptions and went home. Then he decided he wasn't going to fill allegra. Well I bullied him into it.

Cvs then decided to make my life harder by telling him it would be 42 dollars to fill the allegra. Cheapo bastard decides yup, he certainly doesn't need it because it costs more than a dime.

I HATE HATE HATE this. How can he be in my face ALL the time telling me, take this, do that, do the vest, work out, eat this, blah blah blah. When he won't even take a fucking allergy pill?! And everytime he says his stupid little "I don't get sick, I'm the evolution of man" I want to fucking punch him in the goddamn face. I want to break his nose. Rubbing it my face that he doesn't need a single fucking pill to get over whatever ailment he has, whereas I can't even EAT without taking something. It's bullshit. And it hurts my feelings. He's being insensitive whether he knows it or not.

Every single time I suggest something he doesn't do it because he 'just doesn't like to take anything his body wouldn't need' FUCK YOU! If you're constantly sniffling, blowing your nose, and sneezing take a goddamn antihistamine and stop bitching about your nose to me! Every time you can't sleep and I suggest you take sleepy medicine and you poo-poo it, or you 'claim' it just 'doesn't work' go fuck yourself, and stay awake forever and see if I care! I'm done. If you want to play that game, I've fucking had it. Hear me kyle??? I'm done! How dare you parade around me with one little amoxicillin to make you all better, and say "but honey, see? I just took an antibiotic AND a sleepy pill" FUCK YOU. Pisses me off, and you've left me really hurt. I don't even think I can sleep next to you tonight.

Sorry this was a rant. Nothing productive about this post, but no one actually reads anyway so my blog still fulfills its purpose of useless ranting about meaningless things.


Gem said...

I read and I completely understand where you are coming from! It pisses me off too when people complain about asthma or running somewhere then complaining that they can't breathe! God, I struggle to keep my mouth shut at those points!! Everyone is allowed a rant! Hope you're ok! Xx

Jenny Livingston said...

Hey, I wsa just reading through some of your older posts when I came across this one, and you're right, it's VERY frustrating when they don't want to take medicine, go to the doctor, etc. But when I actually talk my husband into DOING SOMETHING about it and he's better within a few hours, a little part of me feels resentful because it's not so easy for me. Ugh! It's a catch 22!