Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To plan or not to plan, that's the question

Today was a day where nothing goes as planned. Granted I hadn't planned to do much today, but everything just kinda went awry. I woke up later than planned, of course, but not too late. Round 9:15 or so. Got a late start, but I managed to do all my meds before going to my 10:30 class --which I was about 10 minutes late to because someone didn't understand the speed limit was 55 not 25... grrrrrrrrrr old people driving. GAH.

Then I didn't eat breakfast so that threw me off, but I went home to shower, then by the time I was showered, dressed, rounded up the ferrets it was lunch time, and I rushed to Dunkin Donuts (sort of the plan for breakfast...) then I had to pick up Emily for her ortho appointment then I was supposed to drop her off at school again but we went out for chinese food afterwards, then I dropped her off for choir. So she got to skip science. Points for Beth. Which is good because I had been getting in her trouble the past couple of weeks.

Then I went straight to the house so Allen could eat the leftover chinese because he stayed home AGAIN from school. That little faker. "Oh *FORCED COUGHING HERE* I'm siiiiiick. " Bologna. I threw in some laundry, watch a couple episodes of shear genius. Allen didn't want to do anything with me. BOO. Not even a bike ride. AND it was gorgeous out today so I was a little upset but hey if he wants to play the 'sick' card and play a video game all day for 3 days I'll let him.

I was supposed to go out to dinner with Emily&Allen&everyone but I was feeling "off" and it just didn't seem like a good idea. I had done any insulin all day, barely checked my sugars, but they were all normal levels each time I checked so I have no idea what was going on, but I just didn't feel 'right'. I felt icky all over, but nothing in particular. SO bizarre.

Ate a little pasta at home while obsessing over puppies in the area =( Wanting a puppy so badly it hurts. But we decided that we'll get a puppy when we move away to grad school, because we'll rent a house with a yard or that's the plan, but as we learned today plans don't necessarily work out the way you PLAN THEM TO. hahaha that made me chuckle.

Skyped with Juliepie, she's doing better. Thank goodness. Read my post on the CF forum. but I wrote a PS to her on it so she didn't take it the wrong way or anything which is good.

Still coughing a little more and its making me a little nervous but thankfully clinic is on friday so maybe we'll just continue antibiotics? Who knows. It's all just a game. You get good chunks of time, and not so good chunks of time. I just wish the good chunks lasted longer.

My goal for tomorrow is to mail a letter to Gen & Ty baby. =D I wrote them this 3 pager today while waiting at the ortho and I'm excited to send it off. A nice little surprise for them.

Oh and I looked up pictures of RI's flooding. EPIC. I've never seen so much water in the state before. It's absolutely insane. Glad I had sunshine in sunny & warm VA. Yay for an actual spring time, and not rainy rainy dreary FLOODING RI. hahaha.

that's all,

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