Monday, April 5, 2010

90 in April

Phew. It was hot today. 90 degrees, and it's only the first week of April.

Not much of a productive day. Skyped with Jpie and Dad and the Mom came in so I talked to her for a few minutes before the pie kicked me off.

I did a lot of working out today. Although I skipped zumba --shhh don't tell kyle -- then felt guilty for skipping zumba, so I did extra pole work today. I got a new move down and almost had another move down. Both two are advanced moves. wahoo. I'm just so sore from working so hard the past few days and I do have a few bruises. Oh well. It's super fun and is building muscle.

I had absolutely no appetite today and I'm just waiting till my period is over so I can start megace again. It just messes up my cycle SO horribly I decided instead of freaking out over a missed cycle I would wait to take it till after my period is through. So any day now would be nice. haha.

But speaking of eating, I know part of the problem is that there isn't anything appetizing that I want to eat. Especially for lunch and breakfast. I need to get some frozen stuff asap. And milk. we drink so much friggin' milk. Almost a gallon a day. How ridiculous!

Alrighty that was just a quick update. The kids are in Greenville so I don't have to work for a few days. cool I guess, but that also means no paycheck this week. boo. oh well.

And now my latest obsession is calling: soup at hand! dun dun dunnnnn (so quick so easy so delicious too bad they don't make a high fat/calorie version for us skinny minnies)


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