Monday, April 26, 2010

Catching a Break, or my breath, either one would be nice.

I just can't seem to catch a break. Day by day I'm becoming more miserable. Less motivated, more tired, and can't forget the ever persistent cough cough cough. Living like this is almost unbearable and I can't even begin how people like my sister manage. Awaiting a lung transplant lungs barely working on their own. In reality, do I really have the 'right' to complain?? I hover between 50-65, on Really good days --which are far and few these days, maybe 70. So how come I feel so miserable?

I dread waking up in the morning because I know the peaceful breathing I enjoy in the first minute or so of waking up, is over all to quickly and so begins the day of coughing, throwing up, sweating, coughing coughing coughing. Oh and can't forget sniffling. And snorting, and buggery slime everywhere. You think that description is gross, try living it!

It's almost one and the only thing I've managed to accomplish today are the following:
  • Vest
  • Cough cough cough
  • Throw up in a cup while doing the vest
  • cough cough cough
  • go through half a pack of tissues
  • Finish vest
  • Do Inhaled meds
  • check facebook while nebbing
  • Pay off credit card (finally something productive)
  • Refill prescriptions online
  • Wash dishes in the sink (2 pans 6 things of spatulas&cook handles)
  • Load dishwasher (few bowls and silverwear)
  • cuddle with the Furbabies (aka the ferrets)
  • Cough cough cough & throw up
  • Sit and write this blog entry.

Gah. Seriously, that's it. I've been up for hours. I also managed to get dressed, which kyle always is telling me doesn't count as an accomplishment for the day, but what does he know. For me it does! So boo to you kyle, boo to you.

I have about 4 more important things to conquer today and then whatever else I can do is extra.
  • Return Library Books
  • Mail off Package to Mom, Jpie, Laurel --who's now known as crash due to her first day of driving lessons, hilarious story for a different time--, and miss Stasha. Nothing for Ron or little Kyle. They will get something when they visit in July.
  • GO to Rite Aid to drop off diabetes stuff. (hopefully my insulin pens will be covered by insurance, if not oh well syringes it is)
  • Lastly, go to work. No biggie here, I just lounge and watch TV for a while and eat a mini snack pack of doritos and drink some lemonade.
Wish me luck. I only have 2.5 hours to accomplish these things before work arrives. Now if only I could stop coughing long enough to put my hair in a ponytail we'd be good. Sighhh. Just can't catch a break, can I?

And now I'm done feeling sorry for myself, and ready to tackle these tasks as best I can. Usually the car ride distracts me enough my coughing slows down.

And Now for some cuteness:


And Duck Duck!!


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