Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Compliance and Vacation

I understand the concept of compliance. I'm pretty good with it at home, it does indeed, make me feel great. However, when those bags get packed and the meds are meticulously counted out per day (along with a day or two extra -- you never know), I lose it. I simply cannot be on vacation and be anywhere near compliant. It's a little ridiculous. I do believe that is part of the stress when 'vacationing' aka going home.

But not doing my meds adds even more stress, so that when I get home, I don't feel well and I'm down because I was doing so well before we left only to erase all my hard work of compliancy. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't TRY to be compliant. I try alright, I try. But somehow things just go undone. I also think its much harder to be compliant on vacation. You're having too much fun to just sit down for 45 minutes to vest. Especially if everyone around you is pulling you in 20 million directions.

that's the other thing about going home. I need to see aproximately 20 million people when I get there. Okay, people, I just drove for 12 stinkin' straight hours, so no I would not like to go out breakfast as soon as we roll up in the driveway. I want to crash on a bed and screw up my sleeping schedule.

Oh, sleep. That's a good one. My whole schedule is out the window. In a 4 day span I only got maybe 18 hours a sleep? This coming from the girl who like to get 10 hours a sleep a night. Grrrr. So everyone expects you to travel all over the place to come visit them. Hello! We're the ones coming up. You get off your lazy bum and come visit me, in my pajamas because I'll be napping the whole day I arrive.

Anywhoo. There are also people I simply do not have time to visit. Who make me visit them regardless. That really gets me. I'm now just complaining. I really only wanted to vent about how I cannot remember to sit down and do pulmozyme while in a different setting, and how amazingly frustrating that is.

My actual visit was nice, considering all the above mentioned nonsense. I didn't get to see one of my old high school friends which was such a bummer because I haven't seen him in literally 4 years and I miss him.

But now after driving 12 hours to arrive yesterday morning, then throwing off the sleep schedule once again by sleeping from 7am to noon, then 330-500 and back to bed by 1130... I'm up at 6 to get right back into the swing of things. I always need a vacation after a vacation. I need a break.

My sister could also use a break. She was escorted to childrens hospital via ambulance equipped with 1 MD 1 RN 2 EMT's. Oh yea, she got the special treatment. But what really threw me off was the part of the message that said "... they stabilized her, and now she's off to hasbro" ... excuse me did you just say they had to stabilize her?Oh dear, that is never good. Along side with throwing up until you pass out, that's never good too. What is good? She is officially double listed at Cleveland Clinic. Lets hope those lungs come soon.

Off to start the day my day with two pint sized trouble makers. At least today its just Thing 1 and Thing 2 and no 3rd child.

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