Monday, August 16, 2010

Obla dee, obla da things are all right!

Excuse the horribleness of:

A. Not know the correct spelling and/or words to the song in my title
B. The complete LACK of posting for eh, a month
C. The randomness that is about to follow--

Lets start off by saying a week is a long time. Now, sometimes a week can FLY by, and other times you begin to think you actually might comprehend the meaning of forever... A lot of things can happen in a week. Your car could break, you could get a job, get your car fixed, have an interview for said job that you're getting, travel to airport, take all your meds -- or not take all your meds in my stupid stupid case-- get your hair cut, cut your tendon? (a fellow blogger did this and I can't for some reason get out of my head how unlucky that was, but how lucky it was it a clean cut; she's a trooper and seems to be doing well, give the circumstance - I DIGRESS again) But like I said, a lot can happen in a week.

Well, a lot has happened in this past week, and a lot will be happening in the upcoming week. This past week I had a college friend come down to visit. We did so many things! We kayaked, we went paddle boating, walking, riding our bikes, shopping, history tours, swimming, beaching, clubbing... oh my the list goes on. Amidst this hectic fun-filled week was also a slacking week on my part. I started off doing ALL my meds, like a good cherub, but thennnnn I felt like I had to be entertaining my guest 24/7 and missed a cayston here, and missed another there, but no biggie right? Until it was a pulmozyme then an advair (I'm real upset about this one, Jess's post convinced me I needed to start committing to my advair; I have it for a reason right?! and I was doing so well, 2 weeks without a missed dose!) then before you know it, I'm coughing and hacking and well it's not pretty.

But the kicker is the whole time I was feeling guilty about it. Every time I could have just so easily gotten up and taken 7 minutes out of my day to do a med. It was really that simple. Oh, but no, not me! Goodness gracious if I ever just stick to my gut and do what I know is best for me. Well, it sure has bit me in the arse (as Gem would say ) because my friend who flew down to see me, picked up a lovely little virus of some sort on the way. We thought it was just allergies - I mean these southern allergies are the worst this year in 10 years or something crazy like that. But then came the headaches, sore throat and FEVER! YIKES! And even though I know medicine doesn't necessarily make a virus less catchable, it does make you stop sneezing and coughing and spewing stuff EVERYWHERE. And my friend just so happens to be one of those people who 'doesn't like medicine' because it 'freaks her out.'

That's fine in any other situation, but you're in my home and I would really prefer if you took an antihistamine so you're not sneezing your germs all over my couch which I sit/lay in daily. Please? No go. Again, that's fine, I didn't pressure her (ok ok I did a little but I still let her have her way) and she continued to sneeze and cough and yada yada.

Today my lovely readers, I now have a frog cough (nothing productive) that makes me throw up instantly if I cough more than 3 times in a row. Lovely, I know! A really humongous throat, sniffy nose, you name it I got it. No fever yet, although I did feel a little fever-y but I ignored it.

I wouldn't really care too much, except for the fact that I feel like an absolute douche. If I had been the good little cherub and taken my pills like the doctors say to, I could have avoided this (most likely) . But now I'm sick, and I have my first day of work tomorrow as a nanny. This would also be fine, except its the first day of work and they don't really know much about CF so I gave them a very general overview. When I say general, I mean, way way above general, I wouldn't even count it as an explanation! Terrible, I know, but I like the families to get to know me first, and see that I can handle the job then ease them into the disease. I mean, come on, would you throw a 2 year old in the pool and expect them to swim? No way jose! You put them in a bubble suit, with bubble arms and a bubble belt, obviously. Then one by one take the bubbles away and they can swim fine. That's what I'm doing. Except in the ocean and not a pool. haha

So all in all I'm freaking out. Stressing out. BIG day tomorrow. I hope this thing goes away nicely and I feel better tomorrow and not worse. And you better believe I have done all my meds so far today (although thanks to the bullfrog in my throat I decided that antibiotics look much prettier in the toilet with some cranberry juice than in my tummy).

Even with all this stressing me out, I have decided I'm going to try this "stress free, worry not" approach, and just let it happen. Whatever it may be. Maybe this is a lesson about sometimes putting yourself first is OK.

And with that I'm off to clean the apartment because it is a disaster area.

PS. I got new dishes and I am super duper uber excited. I can hardly contain it. They are white and beautiful and corelle so they'll last a long time and if I keep saying "and" I might just be able to make this the longest run-on sentence in the world. Don't you just love my grammar? I'm lucky if I remember "i before e, except after c".

Hope all is well for everyone else.


Jenny Livingston said...

That's what I've had to do these past few weeks... just surrender and let whatever is going to happen, just happen. This little episode that landed me here in the hospital started with a froggy cough that eventually became productive... then the damn fevers kicked in. So here's to hoping yours goes away, and FAST!

P.S. The word "douche" is under-used by so many. Thanks for keeping it alive. ;)

Tori said...

I don't condone not taking your meds but I doubt they would have prevented you catching whatever you have xx

Gem said...

How is it that you're ill and you still make me laugh so hard I'm sat here having a coughing fit!!!! hahaha!! (especially your comment on my blog about sitting on the loo meowing!!! hahahahaha!!!) I really really hope you feel better and that today has gone well for you! I can't wait to hear how it's all gone!!! And yes, when you come over to Europe, you have to come see me!!!!!!!! Hope everything went really well!! xxx