Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trusting in...I'm not sure but I'm trusting in it anyway.

So as preacher man aka Nate, who is a priest in training? I have no idea -- but as preacher man would say that sometimes "coincidences are really just a sign of something more" -- I might actually be starting to believe it!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to be a jesus loving freak ( no offense if he's your homeboy, I've just never really dug the whole 'religion' thing) -- but I do believe in 'fate.' And, I guess you can say, I have some sort of 'beliefs' even if they don't exactly match any specific relegion. Now, with that said... Here's my crazy story.

It all started with taking a year off of school. I know I needed something to fill my time with or I'd go crazy. So lazily, out of curiosity really, I checked my sittercity account and found a job in Williamsburg that I applied to. It wasn't anything special, it was exactly what I was looking for but hey, what the heck. Well, I had been checking it once in a while because I didn't hear back from anyone else.

Well, then, my car broke! It wouldn't start, it would just crank and crank but never catch. I rushed it over to my friend Joe the mechanic (he's this really jolly old man at Auto Merchants) and he said he'd fix it up in a jiffy. Well, a jiffy costs quite a bit, and I already feel guilty making my dad pay for everything but getting money from my mother is just suchhhh a hassle. She always puts me in the middle with the good 'ole "Well, I'll pay half and your father can pay the other half" nonsense. So, I took the bullet and paid for it myself. Which led me to check sittercity again to see if the person I emailed ever responded, because seriously I need a job. But then again, did I? I still wanted to work for Jeanette (4-6) because I do love her kids, and its an easy job-- not to mention flexible. Conclusion; yes- 100 dollars a week does not get you buy, hell, it doesn't even pay my grocery bill for the week!

I sign in and ----NADA! zip zero zilch. Oh well, moving on. Wasn't a big deal, I still have Jeannette's. The weekend is almost over and I'm missing my car terribly! It needed a new part from the dealer and I had to wait till monday so they could order it. (I took it in Friday). Sunday I get an email from my sittercity account. (weird as I have NEVER been emailed through this site) And it was a family asking if I was still looking for a full time position because they have two little girls. They lived in williamsburg (check) they were offering 10$ an hour (check) and the schedule? 8am-4pm (check I can still work at jeanettes) the kicker, which really makes me think... I get every other friday off. Why is that important. Well, fridays in general are usually important for young college students such as myself, minus the college status, but Fridays are adult CLINIC DAYS! So it works out perfectly that I see my therapist on fridays and clinic is run on friday mornings. Weird weird weird.

Seeing all of these coincidences, that I just HAPPENED to check my sittercity, and it just HAPPENED to be in Williamsburg, with the hours I was looking for (although the 8am will need an adjustment period eeek - once I'm on a schedule I'll be fiiiiine think highschool I was up at 530 am each day starting sophomore/junior year) with a decent pay and two little girls?? Girls are much easier to care for than boys I find. I said, what the heck I'll sign up for an interview. The way the phrased it, it sounded like they had a few others lined up.

Well, I had that interview tonight -----

Oh wait, before we get any further, coincident number 1 billion: They live 3 minutes from jeanette. And we continue:

I had the interview tonight. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. I always get nervous. Being a full time actual nanny is demanding -- and I always feel terrible having to say "I have CF so I'll need two weeks off frequently for hospitalizations blah blah blah" Thats always the source of my nerves.

Well, the girls were SO cute, and awesome. I had them hugging me and sitting on my lap within the 30 minute time frame that I was there. But man! They put me through the toughest interview to date. I was asked about previous tantrums and how I've handled them, any emergency situations I've dealt with, what I would do with a 1year old and a 2 year old, my disciplinary routine, etc. etc. They really actually caught me quite off guard! haha. But I didn't lie, and if I couldn't answer a question I told them. My answer to what would you do with a 1 year old and a 2 year old was "Ummmmmmmm. Huh. Well, they'd definitely be a lot of dancing, singing, funny faces, coloring... and I'm not exactly quite sure what else. I don't know their personalities yet, so with every child its different" But let me tell you that "um" lasted a little too long for my personal tastes, but HEY I WAS NERVOUS! Its not like I haven't watched a 10 month old and a 23 month old before, but how do you explain that you just sit on the carpet and play with blocks, or take turns passing an object back and forth a hundred times? All the while singing some song (its this terrible habit, I sing EVERYTHING when I'm with small children, you name it I'm singing it. If her shoe is untied I'll be singing "Let me tie your shooooeeeeee so you dont trip and FAAALLLLLLLL, the bunny runs round the tree then its tied as you can see, and your shoe is as good as new!" to my own personal made up tune. I really didn't know how to explain that. So I didn't. They'll see.

Which leads me to my next point -- they offered me the job. Almost. They will call me tomorrow to confirm it. Basically they wanted to do a background check (although there's not much there it will just say "CLEAR", or however that works) and call my references. But I quote "Well, we think your wonderful" there were a few non-ideal situations, but I think the ideal situations outweigh the non ones. So it might be a go.

I'm nervous, but excited. The little girls seem like sweethearts and I think I agree with most of their parenting so far (from what I heard). Oh, another great point? They're only looking for a commitment till the beginning of March. Done and done. I will finish up with them (they're moving- he's military) and then have a few months and then Kyle and I will move.

It seems soooo, coincidental. It fits so perfectly that it must of be a sign of some sort. That this was meant for me. I mean,come on, ALL those coincidences?? Really? So I'm going for it. What the heck. You'll never know if you'll sink or swim if you don't get in the water. Right????? eeeeek.

Plus, the cash would be nice and I can finally, well maybe, not rely on my Dad's allowance each month to get by and pay my rent. That would be so satisfactory! and sweet. definitely sweet.

On OTHER NEWS. (I know there's more!?) Kyle got a sick-ass computer. Mac Book but its souped up and pimped out. hahaha. It has 2 harddrives, both 160GB both leopard and windows 7 installed, Microsoft office on both, and has 4 gb of ram instead of 2. say whaaaaat?? Plus it still has some of the warranty on it, but the best part is? It was only 700 buckerooos. Woohoo. That's my bargain hunter. =)


Gem said...

Yay!!!! Congratulations on the job :)!!! Sounds a really tough interview though!! Haven't heard from you in a bit. Are you ok?! :) xxx

InsideCF said...

Responding to your comment - But Liver disease is also extrememly common and likely with G551D. She also told me other stomach issues are as well. Right now we are trying to figure out why I can't eat. (which is part of the reason they didn't start insulin). So yea. Crazy mutation.

InsideCF said...

I'll def let you know what meds and stuff I was on. I am waiting on my medical records to get here. I wasn't on as much then as I am now though.

I've had my liver problems since I was about 16. Being preggo really didn't affect that.

O and also when I was preggo my pancrease started working and I didn't have to take ANY enzymes the whole pregnancy -weird huh?

If you have any quesitons please ask!

Gem said...

Heyyyy!!! Me again! Just so you know, you are one of the special people and I've awarded you a blog award!!! :) Pop on over when you have a minute to pick it up!!! :) Hope you're ok!! xxx