Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh the woes---

Oh man. Really? Just my luck. My "first" day with the kids by myself, and what happens? One of them is sick. She threw up 3 times, diarrhea all day, and was the appitamie of fussy. She didn't want anything near her, on her, around her-- which is a problem seeing as there are two other kiddies. This was also another problem because all the toys were "her toys" and she did NOT want anyone but her touching them. They were touched, and it resulted in lots of crying and screaming.

Then everyone decided they did NOT want to nap today. So instead of taking their usual 2 hour nap... they decided to only sleep for 40-60 minutes. Greeeeeaaaat. Short nap = no time for me to eat lunch!! Or do anything! I spent that time cleaning up the disaster area known as the play areas. Oh, also the kitchen. But you can't forget sanitizing all the toys that were barfed on.

It can only get better from here right???? Goodness, I hope so because I refuse to let myself quit. But like everything else it takes time to get adjusted. Both for myself and the kiddies. I've decided to call them Thing 1 and Thing 2 because not only are they 1 year and 2 years old, but thing 2 LOVES anything Dr. Suess.

On another note, I have no idea how I'm going to make it all the way through today, tonight, tomorrow morning - without sleep. I need to figure out where I can nap today, I'm thinking 5-6 at least. Then packing when kyle gets home... its just there's so much to do, it's almost obnoxious.

There are really so many things we need to do/ people to see that I am dreading the tiredness of it all. Everyone is fine if they go a few days with little sleep. But tiring myself out all day with kids, then driving all night, but then having a commitment in the early afternoon of the morning we arrive... plus being on the go constantly. Phew. I'm tired just thinking about it. On the plus side, driving at night means I can drink energy drinks! Kyle found this brilliant Canadian brand that tastes identical to redbull, so much so that I want to look up both lists of ingredients. And the best part you ask? Well, the fact that its about 1/2 the price and twice the size is not bad.

Okay, the vest is almost up so I need to mentally plan out my last few things here. Contacts, grab the check off the table, put something to eat in my purse, find some type of shoe? Unload dishes, put dirty neb & dirty dish in washer... OYE durrrr Cayston! I knew I was forgetting something important. And then meds.

haha fun fact for today about yesterday, and then I'll leave you alone! At one point during the bloody murder screaming coming from Thing 2 I sat down and just prayed to god. I don't believe it one specific "god" or really any "god " for that matter but I figured if other people swear by it, it couldn't hurt. haha I must have looked so defeated sitting on the floor covered in drool, dried up cherrios pasted on, hair all disheveled mummuring "please goooood, give me the strength to make it till nap time. just nap time, that's all, pretty please?"

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Gem said...

Wow talk about Manic! Kids are so unpredictable! Really don't envy your job on days like that!! hahah! Your post made me laugh so much!!! hahahaha!! Hope things get better as they get more used to you! They probably didn't sleep from the excitement of someone new looking after them!!! xxx