Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day and um... my first day again?

Yesterday was my 'first day' of my new job. And today is my real first day. I say this because yesterday, Cat, the stand-in babysitter-nanny-needs-a-day-off-fill-in, was there. I basically just kinda watched how she juggled the 3 kids, especially on nap time. Although, I say I 'basically just watched' I was helping out quite a bit, and cannot understand how one takes care of the 3 maniacs by themselves. But today - I will found out, whether or not I want to (find out that is haha).

I'm a little nervous. Had some anxiety again last night. SO that leads to a sleepy morning. I'm doing my vest and pulmo and I've half eaten breakfast. I did my hair while doing the vest and now the remaining 15 minutes are 'me time' where I can write down how interesting my first day was, and how I hope my real first day will run smoothly.

I am a little annoyed, although annoyed seems harsh but nevertheless, I am a little annoyed that when the idea of the 3 toddlers was presented, it was done so in a way that made me think Dylan (toddler #3) isn't there too often. "Just when they swing through VA" Well, let me tell you something, "swing through" and "every now and then" does NOT mean 3 x a week, 2 weeks on 1 week off. Or occasionally 3 weeks on and 2 weeks off.

However, I also had been "deceiving" about CF, not lying in anyway, shape or form though, as I feel they did to me. But I'll cut them some slack. ;-) I never did agree 100% to the 3 kids. I told them I'd give it a 'shot,' and 'try my best.' But it's not a deal breaker for them (or so they said), so we'll see.

Oh another weird thing? Cat made it seem like I should be bringing my own lunch. Which is fine with me, I just wish someone had let me know that because I don't have any food in my fridge to bring for lunch! haha. Small crises on the crises list of things that could go wrong, so I'm satisfied.

I just hope that my body starts to get into a good schedule and I can actually get enough sleep. =\ My ideal goal is bed by 10, lights out 10:15. That way I'll be asleep by 11 and can get 8 hours of sleep. I'd love to get 9 hours, but I have a feeling kyle won't let me go to bed at 9. haha I used to try that, when I wasn't doing anything of course, and it always seemed to be a no-go. I talk about sleep because I know for a fact if I don't get enough sleep, I will get sick. Plain and simple. And we just don't want that now do we? Certainly not.

And with that. Its off to eat my remaining breakfast, change into some clothes and begin my first day... again. Wish me luck.

PS We're going home thursday into friday (driving at night) and we're staying till tuesday morning then driving back during the day. I am NOT looking forward to the hecticness of this visit. People keep calling it a vacation. When you have a cookout kyle's mom thought would be a good idea to host, a beach day dedicated to CF with your sister to attend, a mom who wants to take everyone out to dinner, a step brother who 'has' to see you when you come up, your old boss who you actually miss and want to visit, a friends huge birthday bash to attend b/c you haven't seen those friends in almost a year, another birthday gathering to attend to on block island... and this isn't even including the people who were like "you should come visit me!" or "Lets get coffee!" All crammed into 3 days? Yea... it's not a vacation. Its a mini hell week. I love visiting the people, just not the hecticness/tiredness/drain-i-ness that comes along with it. I can only stretch so far people. PLUS the fact that the day we drive back, I have work the next morning at 8am sharp. So no recovery period. FUN.

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Gem said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! Not that you will need it!! I just sneezed (thought you would be interested to know that!!! haha) Your few days away does sound insanely busy! It will be good to catch up with friends but you definately need to catch a break in there somewhere if you can! Hope today went well! Let me know :) xxx