Monday, August 30, 2010

So Long Weekend

Well, the weekend was WAY. TOO. SHORT! That's for sure. I cannot believe that it's monday already. Back to the hohum of things I guess. I'm a little jealous that kyle gets to sleep in. I'm also a little annoyed that if I didn't need an extra hour for meds then I would be getting more sleep. Because I'm just so tired. And little sleep is how I get run down.

Anyway, enough complaining because it doesn't make anything better. The weekend was really nice blue skies, sunny, but also HOT. In the mid-high 90's again. I better make sure I have lots of salty things today. We didn't do much this weekend. I cleaned the apt. while Kyle did homework. Fair enough trade. We got our engagement ring looked at to be resized and reset. Then on sunday night we had dinner with Will and Meg. Will is one of his friends from his freshman hall, and meg is his girlfriend. They moved into the complex the end of august before school started and its been nice finally having some people so close .=)

I can't wait till friday which is my therapy appointment day. 1 Hour is going to FLY BY. I haven't had therapy in quite a few weeks (3 maybe 4?) due to holidays for the clinic and what have you. Unfortunately even though its my day off I'll still be quite busy. I need to mail a couple of packages, bills, and letters. I have to reorder tobi (good grief through this awful mail order "specialty pharmacy" thanks to being bullied into it by insurance) but I have no idea when it should be delivered? I'm not home till 430. I leave at 7:30ish. And only have every other friday off. . . uh they can deliver on saturdays right? But then you run into the whole "sorry hon I can't leave because the FedEx guy isn't here yet..."

Bah. Complaining again. I just get so fed up with so many things. What it really is, is I'm anxious. I just want to be adjusted to this job already and want it to work out. And not get sick? throw that one in just for kicks. I also would like afternoon nap time to actually be that-- nap time. Not, Molly cries for 2 straight hours. Geesh.

Well with that said, my vest is over (noooooooo too soon I don't wanna get ready for work) and it's time to get dressed and ready to go. Wish me luck today that things go well. I need a good "easy" day to boost my confidence, then maybe I can get through the week. Is it bad that I'm already thinking about the next weekend???


Gem said...

Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck!!!! Hope today went well for you (It's 10.11pm here and I get mega confused with time differences and things! haha) My cat has just jet propelled himself onto my bed and skidded across the sheet and off the other side. haha! I thought you may enjoy this piece of completely useless information! Hugs!!! xxxx

Beth said...

woohoo I'm the queen of useless info so I actually LOL'ed. I just imagine this cat with a little jet pack (actually I picture him farting to propell himself but that's only because I'm use to so much gaaaaassssss. hahah aren't we all?!)

Today went well. It must have been the luck you were wishing me. Nap time went well for a bit. until the older one woke up but I got her back to sleep and managed to keep the little one in the crib for the rest of the hour till I got to go home. Score! But the nights just go by so much faster now. And every morning I wake up jealous that kyle is sleeping. haha. Oh well.