Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Woes

This is the birthday boy:How cute is he, right? We celebrated the 'dreaded 21st' by having a low key evening at home with Supermario for Wii and of course getting a little schwasty. The the schwasted part was mostly on kyle, being his birthday at all. I had a few sips of Gin & Tonic but other than that I was just drinking soda. Our friends who live in the same complex came over for a bit and overall we all had a nice time.

But that was Saturday night... let me back it up to saturday morning. And by morning I'm talking 2am. I was having this dream, and for me dreams are never pleseant. My dreams are everybody else's nightmare. Ugh, it gets really annoying. Anyway, I was having this dream that someone was making me stand on hot coals for some reason or another and I couldn't move my feet, and yet I really had to move my feet because, well, I was standing on coals and they were burning! Well, I was stressing out/freaking out so much in my dream that I woke myself up to find that indeed my feet were burning up. So I go to kick off the comfortor and stick them infront of the fan for a cool-off, but lo and behold! I couldn't move my feet.

Plan B: I tried to move my arm to manual move the comforter away from my feet with my hand... and what do you know? I can't move that either. So then, I figure out that not only is my arm and foot imobolized, but gosh darn-it my whole body can't move! At this point I'm getting flashbacks to the time my dad thought he was having a stroke and couldn't move his body, so he was carted off in an ambulance. I know I've got a serious case of arthritis going on and ibuprofen is needed asap. Well, I go to turn my head towards the sleeping birthday boy when I realize its not just my normal arthritis joints hurting, (knees feet fingers elbows wrists) but rather every single joint in my body including my left jaw joint. This made speaking difficult as well as swallowing.

I finally managed to make sound out of my throat and work my jaw to open slightly, just enough to mumble some words. "Ibuprofen, feet on fire, pain, please?" And now that I've slightly awoken CF kicks in with the need to cough. This is when I realize my spine joints are hurting. And there are a lot of joints in your spine. I couldn't breathe deep. This is the point I started to cry, and then I realized I can't cry because everything hurt too much to cry, so I quickly stopped sobbing and went for the silent tears option.

After assessing this situation a bit further it was decided, ibuprofen was not going to cut it, not even close. Bring out the illegal stash of codeine! Thanks to Ron and his Canada trip (you can buy Tyenol w/Codeine OTC in Canada. So jealous). Well, just my luck kyle couldn't find it. So I take the ibuprofen and my temperature because according to kyle I was "burning up." The least of my concerns when I'm laying in bed paralyzed.

After another 30 minutes of agonizing pain, I decided I had to get up to find this special tyenol, because I know I have it, especially for occasions like this. Kyle helps me sit up, first accomplishment, yay! Hobble out of bed, funny site --we would have been cracking up if I wasn't a 10 on the pain scale-- and finally I found the miracle in a bottle. It took a little bit to kick in, so for that time I sat right next to my medicine tower and waited. Finally, finally, it kicked in and I was able to start working my joints. I took an assessment of what hurt the most, check this list out!

Feet (my feet were killing me because they were so swollen and hot! lol)
Right Hip
Right shoulder
Right elbow
Left elbow
Left jaw joint

Phew. That was a big list. Its bizarre because I've had episodes of arthritis like this before, but only ever in my knees/feet ankles wrists and maybe elbows. Never major 'big' joints, such as hips or you know, the spine? And my jaw?? Yea that one was weird.

Amidst all this crying, pain, and hobbling, I look over at kyle and go "Ohhhh, yes, happy birthday?" and we both kind of giggled. Oh the life with CF.

That's all.

My vest is done and it's time to get ready for work! (Which I will be starting SUPER early tomorrow as in 6am? Ew.)


j'pie said...

sometimes if you wake up at a very precise point in the REM sleep cycle, you will wake up paralyzed. Arthritis sucks though... I had days in middle and high school where I couldn't move my hips and had to stay home. I still have nightmares that I can't move my hips or knees. No fun :( Sorry for the flare-up! I have a brand new unopened bottle of canadian tylenol (plus) for you when you come visit. I don't need it anymore! love youuu

Gem said...

Blimey! That sounds so scary!!!! I have dreams where I'm paralysed too. Horrible!!!! Hope you're feeling better now?! *gentle hugs* Me xxx