Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It isn't a go?

So the first set of lungs at 9:30 last night ended up being a no-go. (flashback to piper's 'damp run'? anyone?) Anyway, after wheeling her OUT of the OR with NO NEW LUNGS, a second pair rolls in? Say what?!

Well, theypushed surgery back till 10 am, and then ran all the tests overnight on the new lungs. I'll be damned. These lungs were no good. What are the chances that 2 lungs come in within 48 hours of each other, both were given the 'its good to go' and then decided against it?

I'm a little relieved. I want her to have the best lungs possible and if that means these weren't it, then they weren't it. She's doing well, she still has a lot of spirit left, a new boyfriend who cares about her, some awesome new weight! (so jealous about this one, it's been a long time since she weighed more than me!!) So back to waiting again.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts today.


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Jenny Livingston said...

When it comes to something THIS important, I suppose it's good that they are discriminatory. She deserves only the BEST lungs! But it's still hard to wait.