Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Love

Family is down to spend the week of the 4th of July here. Although they didn't go out with me and kyle to see the fireworks. So glad you came for the 4th of july in one of the most historic places of the USA -- greeeaaaaat. But I didn't mind. We had had a long day.

I'll have to update later about what we've been doing. I've been SO exhausted - but luckily the week after they leave I'll be going into the hospital for a tune up/ getting my wisdom teeth out. Fun fun fun.

Heres just a small list of the things we've done so far I'll elaborate next week when I have ALL day and ALL night to do NOTHING! woohoo. Gotta love hospitals.

Things we've done:
  1. Went to a waterpark and stayed ALL day
  2. Ate out at restaurants (quite a bit!)
  3. Swam swam swam swam swam
  4. Kayak on the huge lake
  5. Went to see a Movie

Thing we are going to do:
  1. Spend the day down in VA Beach
  2. Swim swim swim
  3. Have a mother/daughter Spa day
  4. Go to the river to swim some more
I'm not too sure what else, but for right now that seems plenty for me. haha.

hope everyones doing well!

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Gem said...

Woah! Sounds like you're uber busy!!!! Thank you for your amazing comment on my last post!! Made me smile!!! Eeeek wisdom teeth!! Scary!! Enjoy everything you've still got planned coming up!!! Hope you're ok! xxx