Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bite your tounge

I should take my own advice!I just kinda skimmed through my blog, and I say some pretty not nice, or very untrue things. I let my overdramaticness/emotions take a hold and speak. blah. Like one time I said my sister is the eipitiotmy of laziness? Not true. I have seen many people lazier than she is. and also, its very hard to judge 'laziness' for someone who has lung function barely over 20 -- its not laziness, she just literally can't do it. *smacks head* I feel like an idiot. If she had read that one day and not realized that I truely didn't think she was lazy I would feel awful if that was her last impression of me having of her (did that just make sense to more than just myself? --- what the heck I am talking like yoda tonight. )

Well, anyways I say a lot of a things I truely don't mean here. Really its just a way to get my frustration out in 'words' and down somewhere so they don't actually come out of my mouth and perhaps hurt the person I'm talking about.

Moving on- Wisdom teeth are coming out in 6 hours. EEEEEEK. I'm the first appointment. oh man. oh man oh man. wish me luck. I'll hopefully get a picture while the meds are still strong so you can see my funny chipmonk cheeks hehehe hope things go well tomorrow. and now its time for sleep

Oh, hey remember that blog where I said I'd have tons of time to blog in the hospital??? UMMMMM yea right? I tried to play a little bit of my online game, and I was logged in for almost 4.5 or 5 hours and played maybe 30 minutes. broken into tiny tiny time frames too mind you, a minute here- 20 seconds there, kill one thing then someone else would walk in my hosp. room. grrrrr. sleeptime.


Gem said...

Good Luck Good Luck GOOD LUCK!!!!! *hugs* xxx

j'pie said...

heh. thanks for rescinding your comment. i appreciate it :) besides, i've been super active lately! love you lots