Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This will be short... this will be short...

I have this problem, of always starting off telling myself, "I'll just post a nice short little blog today" And then I start to type and the words have minds of their own and start to spawn all on their own, I swear! So today, I am forcing myself to actually make this a short post:

I hate the fact that I'm so pessimistic. I love reading all these other CFers blogs, but sometimes their positivity just seems so.... annoying? Sad to say but it really pisses me off. Seriously, the people who claim they wouldn't give up CF if they had a choice because it 'made them who they are' ... well that's just the most ridiculous statement ever! C'mon. It's okay to say you HATE CF. It is, I promise. Just like people hate spiders, and usually spiders don't even cause you harm. They just catch flies (fine by me I absolutely despise flies with a passion). But to say that you wouldn't give it up?? What is wrong with you? Ugh.

And then there are the medium mixed crowd; who sometimes vent about hating CF but sum it up with things like "But its okay to be negative every now and then, negativity in small doses is usually constructive. Not enjoying CF will only help me to fight it more, and I'm still so positive blah blah blaaaaaah" Just when I think I can relate to another cynical hateful CFfilled CFer, they go and get all positive on me. Really? Why can't we just be allowed to hate it? I hate it, your parents probably hate it, you can hate it you know. But people just seem to think that its not okay to whine and complain about how much you hate CF. Well, this isn't one of those blogs. I hardly say positive things on here (although I'd love to change that...) for me this is my place to whine and complain and flat out scream that I, Elizabeth, HATE CYSTIC FIBROSIS! And now I'm done. Maybe tomorrow I will be more positive -- (doubt it ;-P)

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Gem said...

I HATE IT TOOOOOO!!!!!! I don't understand how people can say it makes them who they are. Sod it. We'd all be a lot better off with out it!!! :) It's good to get pissed at it. It shows it who's boss! :) xx