Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Woah, I haven't posted for nearly a month! Geesh. Hey life happens, right? Well the past 2.5 weeks have been filled with Adventures. Kyle finished school and doesn't start research till tomorrow -- er-- today? So while he had all the free time in the day to spend with me, I still had work... or did I? Turns out Emily caught some upper respiratory infection bug deal thing, and I wanted to part of it - so I didn't have work for 2 weeks. Fine by me. =)

Kyle and I did a lot of fun things together. We went to the aquarium where we fell in love with the river otters - they were just giant versions of Duck Duck and Goose. Then we went to virginia beach with Lisa and her doggie (she also came to the aquarium with us). We went dumpster diving through William and Mary which is always fun! We snatched a really handy desk that we're using as a computer printer station. We got some great plastic drawers and a lamp, and kyle picked up about 10 vacuums thinking he could sell them on craigslist. *rolls eyes* needless to say he hasn't sold one yet.

We both got mountain bikes, so we biked to Colonial Williamsburg, which was nice, but then, I took kyle to the park I used to take the little boy I nannied for to... and it was awesome. It has a mountain bike trail that I didn't even know it had. its about 6 miles long through the woods, its pretty serious. We've done that twice. Although the second time was today and I was just emotionally a wreck. I have no idea why but every 10 minutes I was breaking down crying for some reason or another. I was very discouraged.

I think it had to do with the fact that we started at the entrance, as oppose to getting on an emergency entrance -- basically if you start at the entrance you must travel at least 3 miles to get to the first emergency entrance/exit. Well, there are 10 entrances so when we went the first time we started at entrance 10 and had to pass 9 , 8 , 7, 6, etc. to get to the end. I think I was freaking out knowing I had to go 3 miles to leave. Whereas before it wasn't a big deal because I could just leave at the next exit. Well anyways, I didn't have too much fun this time with all the crying I was doing. But I did have a good chuckle when Kyle flipped over his handle bars. He was fine, only a little scratch, but the way he sped around the corner all I heard was him going "THUD CRUNCH (because of the dead leaves)" followed by an UGHHHHH -- take this one slow!

I also crashed my bike into him. hehe. I swear my brakes weren't working when I tried to stop. And I smashed right into him about 30 seconds into the trail at the start. I cut his leg. oops. It bled too. That was the first time I cried, and asked to go back.

Oh I am a mess. I felt physically better than the first time we went but I was just so emotionally distraught that that made me feel physically ill too. Not a good combo. At one point I had a full out panic attack when we passed mile marker 3 and still no exit. Bring on the water works!

It was pretty embarrassing and I felt bad too because no way was this fun for kyle, but he was a champ and still stopped at every single hill so I could walk my bike up, or he'd go up the hill, park then come back down to walk my bike up for me. And since we were mountain biking -- the whole trail is one giant hill. Poor guy. I always feel like I'm holding him back. Like, if I Just didn't have CF, we would have had a great time! =\

Anyways, back to our pseudo vacation, i had a few doctor appointments sprinkled throughout the weeks, and I'm finally going to get my wisdom teeth out. =\ Fun? They're going to do them in the hospital so I can have a tune-up at the same time. Which is nice because I could probably use a good tune up by now. It's been almost 6 months since my last one! Which is kind of nice, because it shows that I had a rough patch but I'm still doing pretty well. But It kinda sucks because I know in march I wasn't feeling great, and then by april I was ready for a tune-up, but Cayston seems to be a wonderdrug and I've felt great on it since starting it. Shame I can't do any other meds with my Eflow. I'm sure I'd feel amazing if I could.

Oh, another fun thing we did was bowling on a saturday night. All you can bowl from 10pm -1 am. They had black lights and fun music, and disco balls. It was a ton of fun. We stayed the whole time! And it was only as expensive as going to the movies on saturday, so I think that might be a more frequent date night.

We also went to duke to visit Cal, for his 21st birthday and we went to a saloon. Hilarious. complete with mechanical bull. It was a lot of fun though. I love to dance and I miss dancing at clubs with girlfriends and what have you so being able to dance with some friends was nice.

Ah there's so much more to write about (see Beth, this is what happens when you don't blog for a month everything builds up!) but I need to go to bed, GASP it's 2 am? holy moly. I really gotta go.

Part 2 to come tomorrow.

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Gem said...

hahaha our blogs were so similar! Both ran out of time and space!! I'm afraid to say I laughed a lot at the thought of flipping over handle bars and landing in leaves!! Just the thought of the noise really made me laugh... oh I'm off again! haha!!
I hope you feel better soon! I hate it when you cry and you feel there is no reason for it! Sounds like you've had a super busy few weeks!!
Keep smiling, massive hugs!!! You know where I am if you need a moan or just someone to listen :) xx