Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh Mondays

Well, I started off the day better than usual, meaning, I actually woke up at a reasonable hour. My alarm went off at 9:33 am and I woke up, relaxed and waited until about 10 to finally get out. (I dread actually getting out of bed, waking up is fine, but getting up and moving is the hard part -- coughing attack ensue!)

I ate breakfast, was able to keep that down along with my megace. Caught up on my blogs, and of course facebook. Watched a few things on youtube, and then I was ready to start the day. . . Almost.

Showered, put on some makeup, kyle came home, ate a little mac n cheese. Then NOTHING. I didn't have to go to work because Emily is sick. cool. But again, I didn't do anything. I can't play the piano because kyle is studying. I didn't feel like going anywhere by myself (not that I have places to go). So basically I just sat home and surfed the web all day. I read some parenting columns (why, no clue, just maybe brainstorming idea for jeanette...) read some recipes, thought about making marsala chicken -- realized I didn't have a wine cork opener, decided against marsala chicken, read one of my recipe books, found an easy one, went to the store, bought 3 ingredients, went home, made dinner, ate it, cleaned it up, and now I'm back on the computer with nothing to do.

Oh my life, why are you so boring all of a sudden? Why can't I find some direction to take you in?? GRrrrr.That's all for now. Nothing creative, nothing cool, nothing new. Just the same old boring stuff.

The end.

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Gem said...

I hate getting out of bed. I wake up and have to psych myself up to get out of bed for about half an hour- during which time I usually go back to sleep! Fail! haha! Online shopping is the best time waster- if you haven't got any money (which is always the case for me!!!) just add everything into the basket that you fancy then just leave the page... pretty boring really but nice to look at loads of clothes and stuff! Xx