Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Dial and Call...

Phew. So our sink backed up yesterday. We flipped the garbage disposal on and it started to come out the adjacent sink. Talk about gross. Kyle left me in charge of calling the front office so maintenance can come by and look at it, but I was chickening out every single time. I had no idea if that was protocol -- to just call them and have them come 'fix it'. But finally I sucked up my fears and just dialed the number and hit send. no turning back now. I fumbled in the beginning sputtering out my name and apartment and rambling on about my broken sink, and finally managed to ask after gasping for air "can you send someone from maintenance? maybe they will know what to do?" and after all my rambling and going on and on and fretting I get a "sure thing, bye"

And that was that. Now we just wait for the maitence man and all will be glorious and then I will be able to do my dishes once again, and run the dishwasher. Even better.

OH and my lovely roommate (or rather exroommate now) Fran is coming to visit for a little bit. She was in VA beach and she, craig, and jared are swinging by on their journey home. (They took a road trip for spring break, how fun!)

That's about all today, except I managed to stick it through the whole zumba class. Granted towards the end I was half assing it and skipping moves here and there, but you gotta do what you gotta do. =) I'm still proud of myself. Go me!

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