Sunday, March 28, 2010

One year down, 9 more to go...

I turned 21 on March 19th. It wasn't much but it was a birthday. It was a gorgeous day so that was a plus. The night didn't turn out exactly, or anything, like I had planned but it was still nice in the end. I spent it with kyle watching home movies. Nothing exciting --I know, but it was nice nonetheless.

So I haven't written in FOREVER. Gah. I always do this. I say I will write more, 'everyday, I swear!' then everyday turns into every few months or so. Everything has been going very well in my life lately. But let me back up to November where I left off. At the end of October I got out of the hospital feeling great for about two days. Then after about 4 days I was hacking up a storm, throwing up again, running fevers. It was up-surd. I chalked it up to catching a cold the kids brought home. Well, I went on this antibiotic, and that antibiotic, and did this, and that, and nothing. NO results. I was still sick. I was miserable. Moody, Gross, Sick. I went home for two weeks with kyle, and those two weeks were miserable. I couldn't do anything. I had a breakdown because I wanted to go sledding with everyone and I couldn't bring myself to go because I knew I wasn't going to be able to walk up the hill. I was at a real low point. As soon as I got back to Virginia I packed a bag for clinic, and was admitted. I stayed for 2 weeks, and I started to feel amazing again. My fev1 hit the 70's! But then dropped back to 67, ah well, what can you do. But this admission my bloodsugars were in the 400's! EEK. I started receiving insulin to calm things down while on steroids. But after the steroids were done my sugars were still going high, so the endocrinologist had the 'talk' with me, and sent me home with a crash course on diabetes and doing at home insulin.

I was terrified, to say the least, to leave the hospital. I sooooo did not want to go out into that nasty world with all it's germs, because I was afraid that I was going to have a repeat of October. Well, eventually they kicked me out, haha literally my Insurance was none to thrilled to have me stay all 14 days. hehe they called on the 12th, and the 13th day of my stay trying to kick me out, but my Docs had my back and put them in their place. Thanks doc!! =)

Well, I was feeling AWESOME when I left the hospital, terrified, but awesome. I had finally gained some weight (about 10 lbs!!!!) and was able to climb stairs, walk without huffing and puffing, and I was mentally soaring.

While my life was going so swimmingly, my sister's was not. She was having a hard time in the hospital back home, so I flew up to be supportive. Let's just say I won't be doing that again, not only was I not appreciated and ignored, but after all my stressing and anxiety to get there, it was not worth it, and I caught a cold in the airport coming back. Lets just say I will not be flying ANYTIME soon. They are just bad news all over.

FREAKING out with this cold, I went to clinic. They said not to stress too much, but if it got any worse call sooner rather than later. 5 days after the cold symptoms were gone, but I was still feeling like poo I called and went back to clinic. BOOM antibiotics, still freakin' out. This was October all over again. BUT this time, I felt different because I knew I had caught it before it was too late. I was just begginning to get sick, rather than being sick already, so I was hopeful that the antibiotics would do their trick and kick out those bad buggies. Sure enough, three weeks later and I'm feeling great!

Now some tidbits to get you up to speed on my general life:
*I joined the YMCA and have started taking Zumba, Hip-Hop Aerobics (SO FUN) and turbokick. They give me something to do during the day and make me exercise. I'm also hoping to find a friend out of this deal. But we'll see about that one.

*I now have 2 ferrets! We got a female ferret and named her Duck Duck (so now we have Duck Duck and Goose. hehe) although she's quite a whimp. Goose will try to play with her and she'll just chirp away (she makes a ton of noise, which is unusual for a ferret) and play dead. Sigh, she'll eventually learn. She's super cute and loves to cuddle!

*I started to volunteer at the animal shelter. Again more exercise. And it cures my puppy desires. I just go and walk some doggies and then fulfill my desire to have a puppy and go home. haha it's a great system. They like the attention, I like the attention, and I don't have to worry about them chewing up my shoes.

*I haven't heard anything about my SSI case, which is pissing me off. It's been 6 months and then some since I've filed my last appeal -- the one before you actually go to court. So I've been sitting around for 6 months waiting to hear that I have a court date... but no such luck. Nada. GRRRR.

*I took a break from school. Which is really nice, because I detest school with a passion. Unfortunately I can only take the break till April 30th, and I start school again on May 1st. Bummer. And have to continue with school until I can get SSI but seeing the pace as that's moving, that will be NEVER. GRRRR again.

*the weather in VA is getting really nice. It's awesome to have an actual springtime. The trees are all in bloom mode, the ones with flowers are so pretty. Lots of different colors: pinks, whites, even purples. Although the white ones smell like dead fish, a little less pretty.

Hm that's about it.
Maybe I'll write tomorrow, who knows, maybe I'll write next month. Can't say?

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