Friday, August 19, 2011

Loathe and Love

I Love:
the fact that I was responsible and sent myself to the hospital to get better before getting worse!
I Loathe:
it was to date the second worst hospital experience ever!

I Love:
that they let me go home with home IV's through a picc line after a week.
I Loathe:
I was only home for 3 days before my Picc had to be pulled because I have a blood clot from my elbow to my boob. ugh

I Love:
Getting sedation for my picc lines down in IR
I Loathe:
Not knowing who the idiot was who put my picc in due to being heavily sedated. I'd have a few choice words for him now.

These past two weeks have been challenging to say the least. I have a blood clot the size of Florida and they let it sit for 3 days while it grew to the size of California! I'm finally being treated for it but only after being installed with fear with all the "But if you notice x y or z go to the ER immediately." (I may or may not have already experience X but didn't think much of it because sometimes it happens normally when I cough)

Well CF you've done it again. Thanks for making my life a bit more complex on an already complex weekend! (My mom is getting remarried and I have to drive 9 hours up tonight for the wedding tomorrow and 9 hours back the next day. With a blood clot the size of california. Fun.) -- the kicker was her response after hearing about the growing clot "Well, I know you probably want to go into the hospital and get better but I really appreciate you coming up instead!!"


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Gem said...

Flipping nora Beth! That sounds awful! How did they not spot what was going on? Have they put you on heparin to clear it or Warfrin anything like that? Was it a mistake in the placing that caused it? That must be terrifying!

I hope you have a lovely time at the wedding. We really must catch up soon!!