Sunday, July 3, 2011


I Delight in:
The fact that I am getting a dryer today and can finally wash my clothes!
I Despise:
The fact that said dryer had to be taken back to the store because it couldn't fit in any doorway.

I Delight in:
the beautiful lightening, thunder, and rain storm last night
I Despise:
the rain made the back porch steps a slip and slide and I didn't even manage one step down before falling the rest of the way spraining my wrist.

I Delight in:
After falling down the stairs knowing I can have my last saved redbull as a cheer-me-up
I Despise:
Throwing up my last saved redbull as a not so cheer-me-up but rather a cough-me-up.

Oh life. You sure are a funny one today.

P.S If you ever think there is a slight chance of throwing up in the future it's probably not a good idea to eat half a jar of olives. Just sayin'.

I actually laughed to myself as I wrote these because at the time they didn't seem that funny but now looking back I'm having a good chuckle.

1 comment:

Gem said...

I have to say I laughed out loud at the dryer not fitting in the door. We had a table wedged in the doorway for 3 days because we couldn't get it through. My family is totally normal.....