Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Some Time to Spare

Yesterday I accidentally napped from 5:30-6:15. I was laying on the couch with a blanket and pillow over my face due to a sudden migraine. I ate a bit of dinner, not much due to the naseau the migraine produced, and went to lay down in bed where it was a bit darker.

Well, I accidentally napped again until 9:15. Upon awaking my migraine had gone and I was feeling fine except for the drowsiness of just waking up. I had some water and went back to bed. For good. I slept until 4 am. Ah. Glorious.

I have to be at work an hour early so 4 am works out nicely. I was able to shower, and make corn bread. Have a great breakfast. Do some extra vest. AND wash the dishes. Best part of the day so far? Waking up at 4 am feeling refreshed and not dreading the day. It's always so much nicer to wake up without an alarming blaring at you.

All in all my migraine yesterday that I was cursing was really just a blessing in disguise. I'm all caught up on sleep and I had the time to be productive this morning. It's a win win!

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Gem said...

Migraine! Nasty! My sister suffers with them too. Loving the new blog layout!!! Hope you're ok! xxx