Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sing your mucus out?

So my title was going to be sing your heart out but I really sang out more mucus than heart so i changed it. I picked kyle up yesterday for a last minute shopping and when I had to return him to his car at school I swung by the music hall and played with the grand pianos. Yum.

I went in with the intent to only stay for a few minutes. Um, okay. Reality check. And a clock check please, you said it's what time?! I ended up being there for over 2 hours! Just playing and singing my heart out. And man, I was struggling at some songs. It's funny because I just add extra breathing where I need to, but lately I've been misjudging. Example: "Oh, I can sing this whole phrase in one gulp of air, no problem..." except problem I could only get 2/3 the way through and then my voice would fade out and I would do one of those GASPs for air. Like you were underwater for just a few more seconds than made you comfortable. The kind where you are feverishly kicking your legs praying you break the surface of the water soon! Yup, that kind of gasp.

Fast foward a few hours. I felt like I had run a marathon. I felt like I had moved SO much more than when I ran the 3 miles. Oh yea, I ran 3 miles the other day. woohoo go me. But moving on... I was so rattly and junking and just overflowing with the good green stuff. So much so that I had to take a cup to bed with me so I could have something to spit into it was just too much to handle.

But I huffed a bit and got a lot up, enough to sleep comfortably without coughing out & up a lung every 3 minutes.

Side note: Today is going to be such a long busy busy day. And it's snowing. OYE. I'm all for snow in Virginia but seriously, the day we have to make a 600 mile trip?? really? I am up early because I'm needed at work early. I haven't packed a thing and it's supposed to snow. great. great. great. Oh yea, we haven't really cleaned up much too. And I want to do that before we leave. So here's the plan:
Work till 4 Get home at 5ish because no doubt it will take an hour to go the 5 miles home because people don't know how to drive when a few flakes of the snowy stuff fall down. Well, that and there are no plows. Mostly the no plow part.

Pack up. While kyle loads the car with goodies I should clean up. And... okay so writing it out makes it seem much more manageable. Hm. go figure. See bog, see how good you are to me. Alrighty.
Hope everyone has a wonderful thursday and a nice holiday.

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Gem said...

Singing is my main physio around chrismas time. It's amazing isn't it! I still have to do the usual physio as well but it takes less time because I've coughed up a mountain whilst singing!!! Sounds like it was awesome fun though!! :D I can manage about 3 words before needing to take a breath. It drives me mad, but I love singing too much to stop.

WOAH!! 3 MILES!!!! I'm impressed! Go Beth!!!