Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nothing New

Nothing new is happening here. It got cool today. It was only 71 degrees --which, yes I know, is not 'cool' or 'cold' as I discribed it to my dad today, hehehe....but compared with the 94+ degree days we've been having, 71 seemed chilly.

It was mothers day today, made my mom a homemade card with a poem inside. I made the same card for Kyle to give to his mom. Sneaky sneaky. Just don't tell them that! ;-) I also mailed my mom some GREAT smelling soaps (coconut, one of our favorites) and these useful socks designed to be worn in pumps. On the days its too hot to wear hose, but she needs to wear something on her feet. Perfect solution.

Julie is double listing at cleaveland clinic. Phew. But she sent everyone an email saying that Boston now has her on the "Hot list" which means, that they've expanded her critera for lungs. --Meaning, if the lungs have a bruise on them, they will call her, as before they wouldn't.

I don't know. Something just doesn't sit right with me about this. If they weren't going to call her with those types of lungs before.... (because they weren't up to par) why are they going to now? I want her to get the best lungs she can! Not some beat up pair that 'might' fair okay. Grrrrr. I think it has something to do with her double listing, they don't want her to screw up their UNOS listings/ratings or something silly like that. But this is LIFE that you are talking about. If you start cutting corners.... I don't really wanna think about that.

Anyways, that's about it over here. Kyle got back from his Uncles funeral, and now is taking his rescheduled exams this week. So he's all stressed out like usual. And I need to go food shopping asap. tomorrow definitely!

The end - for now.

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Gem said...

Don't be worried about the transplant. They wouldn't transplant them if there was a possibility that they would do more harm than good! Bruises heal!! I know it's a scary thought though! I finally found you on facebook! hahaa! It took me ages! Enjoy your food shopping :P xx