Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rainbows and fresh starts

Today was such a great fall day. It was on the warm side, with 81 being the high, but had such a lovely breeze from the changing trees. All in all it was awesome. Today, ultimately wasn't about myself. I helped out someone else in need. I gave my attention to someone who wanted it. I put my life on hold for a moment to be a part of someone else's. I do miss being home, but I feel like family at Jeanette's. And with real family being 9 hours away, I'll take anything I can get, but boy did I get lucky. Maybe there is a god who brings people together for certain reasons. Right now I do believe that we have been brought together at a time where we can lean on each other. And that is very comforting.

On the CF aspect of things I went for a bike ride today(which I would like to say I saw the most amazing rainbow strewn across the sky) and boy, was I huffing and puffing after a while but this time it felt good. I felt like I was enabling my body to keep going, it was so motivating. I always struggle with motivation and I think it has to do with my emotional status. If I am emotionally satisfied I become much more motivated, than when I am emotionally struggling. Lately I've been emotionally satisfied, and even pleased.

The world is so much prettier when all your pieces are fitting together nicely.

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