Wednesday, October 21, 2009

for anyone who has Cf, you know what it's like to know you need help. I needed help. These past few weeks I had just plummeted - mentally, physically, emotionally. So when I went into clinic on Wednesday October 7th I was somewhat aware that I might need to go into the hospital. What I didn't expect was my FEV1. It floored me. My first blow was only 43. My second 47. My third and final blow was 50. Talk about your heart dropping into your stomach.

No wonder I hadn't been motivated, or done housework, or school work, or anything! I was 20 % my baseline. I was sick, and I needed help. Dr. Williams and I agreed that I would come in on monday - that way I would be able to get off of work, pack, tie up loose ends, etc.

I was called to come in around 830 and within the hour. Everyone was so nice and made me feel so welcome and comfortable. My nurses are great and even know how to do chest pt, ensuring I get the correct 4 times a day.

My stay has been so enjoyable while I've been here, again I am just in awe. It's so different than Rhode Island and I love it. I'm feeling great, my numbers are back up to 70/71%!! Which is higher than when they first ever saw me. They fixed my screw up of a stay at jane brown, which I couldn't be more grateful for.

I'm leaving tomorrow or friday, and I can't wait to get back to the apartment and clean, do dishes, do laundry, go play, run around, and dance. I cannot wait!!! This -- when I'm healthy-- is when it's so easy to love life. I feel hopeful, and greatful, and so appreciative that I can actually experience the warmth of the sunshine, and the crispness of the breeze.

for now,

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Pegson said...

hey its great your treatment has worked and you have bounced back so well....