Friday, October 29, 2010

Dappling in Photoshop.

What to do when you feel slightly run down and have to spend saturday all by your lonesome? Dabble in photoshop of course. Kyle had bought me a tablet after explaining my undying love of the idea of having a tablet. I would use it obsessively! (right??)

After months of sticking to my treatments and really stepping it up in the Health Department, Kyle surprised me with an "I'm proud of you"- tablet. Needless to say I barely knew how to open photoshop let alone edit pictures with it.

This past saturday while he was adventuring off on his Kayaking final, I buckled down, watch some tutorials and dived head first into photoshop. (only CS3 or something like that, not full blown photoshop).

The best way to learn? Take the most hideous picture you can find, preferably when you're fevered and have just woken up... and try to make yourself look half human. Oh and then, give yourself a cool haircut.

Now if only photoshop could be applied to real life, I'd look like a creepy baby doll, and that's every girls dream.

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