Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hmm... Forever until Divorce?

Looks like we all make mistakes, expensive, big mistakes (hey I've been there and my expensive mistake is sitting in my garage, needing an oil change) but we all make 'em. Looks like my big sis made hers. Like she didn't have enough on her plate. How unfair that now, on top of it all, she must deal with a good-for-nothin' stupid head like Ben. Ugh. Talk about frustration!

The puppy is staying with me starting tomorrow though, so hopefully i'll update with that...


P.S. That's another thing I forgot to mention about 2009. I want to start blogging more. Once a week is my goal, and then hopefully more often. =D No one reads it but its nice to know that there is always a possibility of someone reading it. Right???

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