Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh Darlin'

Oh! My darling is finally home. =D I picked kyle up on Wednesday at 12 am. Thanksgiving was at his house with his family. I had met everyone before, except Aunt Pat - who is very colorful. We had a wonderful time. I'm also so thankful when kyle comes home and we get to be together.

I'm feeling okay health-wise, these past few weeks I've been feeling crappy. Which is weird, seeing as I just spent two weeks in the hospital. Oh MRSA why do you hate my lungs so? Anywho, I'm very excited because I am currently looking into a distance learning program to get my elementary education degree. This way I can move down to Virginia with kyle, and he won't have to sacrifice his education; not to mention that we'll be able to be together. We are both very excited.

What's even more exciting is that we went RING SHOPPING! WOOOHOOOO. Cmon what's more official than that? I found this gorgeous set. White gold, Princess cut diamond like a solitaire, but then it has diamonds on each side in a sunken setting. And the wedding band is just a band with sunken setting of a diamonds all in a row. Since I have such small hands and dainty fingers - size 4.5 - large amounts of diamonds look awkward on them. Good for kyle because the larger the diamond the more expensive. So the set is only 1/2 ct. for 799$ for both. Very very exciting.

*sigh* I love being in love with my handsome man. =)

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