Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Blurker is Born...

I am obsessed. I am an official blurker. It was one in the morning and I found myself fidgeting in bed becuase I wanted to read more blogs. That is when I realized I have an addiction. Truely, addicted. I found myself craving blogs, the need to blog! Seriously? I don't even know any of the people I'm reading about! But yet, I find, that at one o'clock in the morning on a tuesday(technically wednesday) I have the need to be a blurker. Apparently, reading about strangers has upt one on sleep? Go Figure.

So, here I am. Guilty as charged. And since now it's 2:50 in the morning I decided to try my hand at the blogging, not just the blurking. So cmon all you blurkers out there, start blurking!

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